Why Is “How To Kill Tinubu” Trending On TikTok? | What Happened To President Tinubu?

Why Is "How To Kill Tinubu" Trending On TikTok? What Happened To President Tinubu?



Nigeria’s history has seen leaders of different stripes, some who aimed to uplift the nation and others who brought turmoil. Since gaining independence from British rule in 1960, Nigeria has faced challenges with leaders, creating divisions among the people. Despite being a top African nation with a growing GDP, issues like a low Human Development Index ranking and widespread corruption have held Nigeria back.


President Tinubu’s Rise

Chief Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu emerged as a beacon of hope for Nigeria. His promises and strong support for democracy gave Nigerians optimism about their country’s future. However, just 100 days into his presidency, criticism began to mount. His economic reforms, including the removal of fuel subsidies, led to higher prices for petrol, transportation, and food.


TikTok Takes Center Stage

In Nigeria’s politically charged climate, citizens turned to TikTok to share their views on Tinubu’s presidency. Some expressed concern about his early policies, while others defended him, arguing that it was too soon to judge his leadership. However, things took an unexpected turn when Tinubu made a bold statement in a speech to the Yoruba people, saying, “You Can’t Kill Me, I’m Like a Poison Ivy, I Can’t Be Eaten.” This sparked the trending hashtag #HowtoKillTinubu on TikTok, with users creating videos that playfully mocked his statement.


President Tinubu’s Background

Before his political career in Nigeria, Tinubu spent time in the United States, where he studied accounting at Chicago State University. However, he faced legal issues in the U.S., leading to his return to Nigeria, where he worked as an accountant for Mobil Nigeria. He later entered politics, becoming the governor of Lagos State from 1999 to 2007 and subsequently a senator.


Tinubu’s Vision

Tinubu’s presidential bid was fueled by his long-standing advocacy for democracy. Nigerians believed that his leadership would usher in a new era of growth and development for the nation. However, his decision to eliminate subsidies triggered widespread discontent, with fears of rising prices across various sectors.

The TikTok Trend Explained

Tinubu attributed the criticism he faced to political opponents like Atiku Abubakar, whom he accused of launching a smear campaign against him. He compared himself to a “Dagunro,” implying that he was unassailable and couldn’t be intimidated out of the presidential race. However, altered videos circulating on TikTok falsely suggested that Tinubu planned to adopt the U.S. dollar as Nigeria’s currency, sparking further controversy.


A Call for Change

Many Nigerians remain at odds with Tinubu’s administration, and the #HowToKillTinubu trend on TikTok serves as a metaphorical call for change. Despite the court’s support for Tinubu, a significant portion of the population remains dissatisfied with his leadership. The trending hashtag reflects a desire for a different path forward for Nigeria.

A Presidential Visit

In the midst of this controversy, President Tinubu made history by becoming the first Nigerian president to attend the G20 summit in India, signaling his commitment to international diplomacy and cooperation.


My Conclusive View

President Tinubu’s presidency has been marked by controversy and criticism, with the #HowToKillTinubu trend on TikTok capturing the sentiment of a segment of the population dissatisfied with his leadership. As Nigeria grapples with its complex political landscape, the future remains uncertain, and the nation continues to navigate the challenges of democracy and governance.