Why Is HYBE CORRUPT Trending? What Is Happening With BTS Kim Tae-Hyung’s Layover Album?



 Fans Disheartened by LayoVer Album Shortage

After the release of V’s debut album, LayoVer, fans eagerly anticipated getting their hands on a copy. However, reports suggest that HYBE and GEFFEN RECORDS may have played a role in the decline of its global sales.


Unequal Promotion Sparks Outrage

Surprisingly, fans have observed a shortage of V’s album, even in Target stores. Meanwhile, Olivia Rodrigo’s album, GUTS, enjoys prominent display. This disparity has left V’s supporters frustrated and questioning why their favorite artist isn’t receiving the support he deserves.


 Allegations of Unfair Treatment Surface

Fans are openly expressing their discontent, claiming that HYBE is showing favoritism towards other artists. The cancellation of nearly 800,000 pre-orders has left fans disappointed and struggling to get their hands on LayoVer.


Concerns for V’s Career Growth

The situation has raised serious doubts about HYBE’s commitment to V’s success. Fans worry that these delays may negatively impact V’s chart rankings, potentially hindering his rise in the music industry.


 Fans Rally to Support V

Faced with these challenges, fans are taking matters into their own hands. They’re determined to promote LayoVer independently, demonstrating their unwavering support for V.


 Outcry Over Alleged Sabotage

The HYBE CORRUPT controversy highlights fans’ frustration over what they perceive as mistreatment of BTS’ Kim Tae-Hyung. Concerns range from a lack of promotions in key markets to delays and order cancellations.



The controversy surrounding V’s LayoVer album has ignited a firestorm of opinions from fans. Many are deeply disappointed with what they see as unfair treatment by HYBE and GEFFEN RECORDS. The situation has prompted fans to take matters into their own hands, vowing to support V and his music, no matter the obstacles.