Why Is HYBE CORRUPT Trending? What Is Happening With BTS Kim Tae-Hyung’s Layover Album?



Fans Demand Answers

BTS fans are in an uproar over what they see as blatant mistreatment of V, also known as Kim Tae-Hyung, by HYBE Corporation. This controversy has been brewing for months, but it recently exploded on social media, particularly on X (formerly known as Twitter). But what exactly has HYBE done to deserve this backlash, and how are fans reacting?


The Decline of LayoVer Album Sales

After the release of V’s debut album, “LayoVer,” fans worldwide eagerly anticipated grabbing a copy. However, it appears that HYBE and GEFFEN RECORDS may have played a significant role in the album’s declining sales. Fans have been left disappointed due to a shortage of the idol’s debut album, even in Target stores where there’s no visible promotion for it. In a surprising move, Olivia Rodrigo’s album, “GUTS,” enjoys a prominent display while “LayoVer” remains hidden.


 Unequal Promotion for Olivia Rodrigo

HYBE, the South Korean label, and GEFFEN, the U.S. label, partnered for both Olivia Rodrigo’s and V’s albums. Fans expected equal promotion for both artists, but instead, it seems that Olivia Rodrigo received preferential treatment. This has infuriated fans who took to social media to express their anger and disappointment. The situation escalated when HYBE allegedly canceled nearly 800,000 pre-orders, leaving fans without enough albums to satisfy their demand.


A Lack of Respect for Kim Tae-Hyung

Fans are questioning whether HYBE is openly mistreating Kim Tae-Hyung. While past instances raised minor doubts, such as HYBE not adequately promoting the artist’s songs and debut album, the LayoVer album’s lackluster sales have confirmed fans’ suspicions. Many believe that HYBE is intentionally undermining the artist’s achievements, both in South Korea and internationally. Fans feel that HYBE’s actions may hinder V’s chart positions on Hanteo and Billboard, potentially damaging his career.


 Fans Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

Frustration over the HYBE CORRUPTION scandal has led fans to take matters into their own hands. They are determined to support V and LayoVer independently since HYBE’s actions have put the artist’s career at risk. Fans have organized to promote the album and V’s work as much as possible, but they can only do so much without proper support from the label.



the HYBE CORRUPTION scandal continues to trend on social media, with fans expressing their outrage over what they perceive as mistreatment of BTS’s Kim Tae-Hyung. The decline in sales of V’s “LayoVer” album, coupled with unequal promotion, has fueled suspicions that HYBE is not giving the artist the respect he deserves. Fans are taking action to support V independently, but they hope that HYBE will address their concerns and rectify the situation before further damage is done to the artist’s career.