Why Is HYBE CORRUPT Trending? What Is Happening With BTS Kim Tae-Hyung’s Layover Album?



While BTS members are away fulfilling their military service, a new controversy is brewing in the fandom, centered around V, also known as Kim Tae-Hyung. Fans are expressing their concerns about the treatment of V by HYBE, the management company. Let’s delve into what’s going on and why HYBE is under scrutiny.


HYBE Faces Backlash

Fans have been raising their voices on social media, especially Twitter, using the hashtag #HYBECORRUPT. The accusations against HYBE include delayed orders from various retailers despite pre-orders, retailers hiding V’s albums in the back and not displaying them, HYBE canceling around 800,000 pre-orders, and neglecting U.S. promotion and playlisting.


LayoVer Album Shortage

After the release of V’s debut album, LayoVer, fans eagerly anticipated getting their hands on it. Unfortunately, HYBE and GEFFEN RECORDS are allegedly contributing to the declining worldwide sales of the album. Fans have noticed a shortage of LayoVer albums, even in Target stores. Instead, Olivia Rodrigo’s album, GUTS, is given a prominent display, while V’s album remains hidden.


Global Fans’ Frustration

V’s fans worldwide have taken to social media to express their disappointment in HYBE’s lack of support for the artist. They share pictures showcasing the album’s shortage, and the fans believe that HYBE’s preferential treatment towards Olivia Rodrigo’s album is unjust. The fans are vocal about their concerns, and they feel that their favorite artist is being treated unfairly.


Unfair Promotion

Both HYBE, the South Korean label, and GEFFEN, the U.S. label, are responsible for promoting Olivia Rodrigo’s and V’s albums. However, fans feel that there is a significant bias in favor of the former. This unequal promotion has infuriated fans, leading them to accuse HYBE of corruption. Additionally, there have been multiple delays in the promotional schedule, leaving fans frustrated.


Pre-order Cancellation Shock

One of the most shocking allegations against HYBE is the cancellation of nearly 800,000 pre-orders. This action has resulted in a severe shortage of LayoVer albums, leaving fans without the copies they had eagerly anticipated. Fans question how HYBE could mishandle the pre-orders and fail to meet the demand adequately.


Mistreatment of Kim Tae-Hyung

Fans are beginning to believe that HYBE is not treating V with the respect he deserves. While there have been doubts in the past regarding HYBE’s support for V, the poor sales of the LayoVer album seem to confirm fans’ suspicions. They now think that HYBE is actively trying to undermine V’s achievements, both in South Korea and internationally.


The Impact on V’s Career

These album delays and issues with promotions are expected to affect V’s chart positions on platforms like Hanteo and Billboard. Fans worry that this could hinder V’s career progression, making it seem like HYBE is trying to hinder his success.


Fan Reactions

Fans have been vocal about their concerns regarding the mistreatment of BTS’s Kim Tae-Hyung. They point out the absence of promotions in the U.S. and U.K., delays in pre-orders, order cancellations, and inadequate stock maintenance. Fans are frustrated and believe that HYBE is intentionally sabotaging V’s career.



As the hashtag #HYBECORRUPT continues to trend on social media, fans remain concerned about the treatment of V and the handling of his debut album, LayoVer. They hope that HYBE will address these issues and provide the support V deserves. The controversy serves as a reminder of the importance of fair treatment and promotion for all artists in the music industry.