Why We Keep Putting Up With Martin Explained



Martin Short, the beloved Canadian actor, writer, and comedian, has recently found himself in the spotlight after a critical essay from Slate questioned why people keep supporting him. Despite the harsh words, the internet rallied behind the veteran entertainer. In this article, we’ll delve into what makes Martin Short so special and why the criticism may not hold water.


Martin Short’s Remarkable Career

Born in 1950, Martin Short has had an illustrious career spanning decades. He’s earned prestigious awards like Emmys and Tonys, showcasing his remarkable talent. Even in his early 70s, Short continues to grace our screens, appearing in various TV shows and delighting audiences, including his memorable stints on “Saturday Night Live.”

The Slate Essay’s Central Question

The Slate essay titled “Why We Keep Putting Up with Martin” aimed to decipher Martin Short’s unique style of acting. It questioned whether he is a genuinely gifted actor or someone who would do anything for a laugh.


Is Martin Short a Comic Genius or a Bit Annoying?

In the essay, the writer, Dan Kois, didn’t mince words when he described Short’s comedy as “exhausting, sweaty, and desperately unfunny.” He expressed his bewilderment at Short’s penchant for silly outfits and outrageous antics. However, it’s crucial to remember that humor is subjective, and what one person finds hilarious, another might not.

Ultimately, whether you find Martin Short a comic genius or mildly annoying is a matter of personal taste. What can’t be denied, though, is his immense influence on the world of comedy.


Fan Reactions

After the Slate article gained traction online, fans and admirers of Martin Short took to social media to voice their support.

Deborah, a Twitter user, praised Martin Short as one of the sweetest and most terrific comedians she’s ever known. She couldn’t understand why someone would write a negative piece about him.

Another user highlighted Short’s impeccable comedic timing, stating that questioning his humor is akin to doubting the sun’s heat.

One person pointed out the personal challenges Martin Short has faced, such as the loss of his wife Nancy to ovarian cancer in 2010. Despite this tragedy, he continues to cherish her memory, which resonates with many.


Martin Short’s Enduring Appeal

Martin Short’s enduring appeal lies in his ability to make people laugh and forget their troubles. His unique brand of comedy, while not for everyone, has a dedicated fan base that appreciates his humor. Whether he’s playing zany characters or showcasing his talent on stage, Martin Short has left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment.



In the end, the question of why we continue to support Martin Short doesn’t have a single answer. Some may find him a comedic genius, while others might not share the same enthusiasm for his style. However, what remains undeniable is his significant contribution to the world of comedy and the genuine affection many have for him, both as an entertainer and as a person.