Wonder Woman’s Classic Theme In ZSJL Makes You Rethink The Whole Scene



Online Trolls Strike Again

The world of the internet can be a strange and unforgiving place. It doesn’t take much to start a trend that can set the entire online community ablaze. Even our cherished DCEU (DC Extended Universe) isn’t immune to these trolls. However, dealing with them can be quite a challenge, especially if you’re an executive at Warner Bros. It seems that Steven, the man behind an interesting idea, is now feeling the heat.


 A Classic Return for Superman?

Amidst the buzz about a potential sequel to “Man of Steel,” starring Henry Cavill as Superman, a rumor started to circulate. The rumor suggested that Superman might don his classic blue suit and be accompanied by the iconic theme composed by John Williams. For fans, this news was hard to digest, and they weren’t shy about expressing their disappointment.


A Clash of Themes

In an era where a darker and more brooding version of Superman, clad in a black suit, graces our screens, paired with an epic score by Hans Zimmer, this proposed choice left many fans scratching their heads. The internet, as always, had a field day, inundating social media with memes and edits, reminding Steven why brainstorming under the influence might not be the best idea. The wave of criticism has now reached the Justice League headquarters, with Wonder Woman becoming the second victim after Superman.


 Wonder Woman Gets a Classic Twist

Twitter user Krypton Cage added fuel to the fire by sharing a video of Wonder Woman in Zack Snyder’s “Justice League,” fighting off villains with the classic theme in the background. Surprisingly, it worked quite well and added flair to the already epic slow-motion shots in Snyder’s film.


 Music’s Influence on Scenes

The choice of music can dramatically alter how we perceive a scene, and this video is a testament to that fact. While it doesn’t necessarily look bad, the classic Wonder Woman theme brings a significant change in the tone of the sequence. It gives the impression of a parody or, in a more comic sense, as if someone is narrating the incident with their own lens, adding punches and kicks to match their perception. This doesn’t align with the typical style of DC.


 Fan Feedback

Fans are not shy about sharing their thoughts on why hyping up nostalgia may not be the best approach. They argue that relying on classic themes might not bring the desired results. This Twitter thread provides some thoughtful reasoning on why classic themes may not be the way to go.


Responsibility in Movie-Making

Fans have decoded the tactics used by production studios to cash in on nostalgia and attract attention, often at the cost of authenticity. Making movies is a collaborative process, and it demands more from the creators. When rumors and conversations have the power to create market buzz that lasts for days, a sense of responsibility comes into play.


 The Importance of Authenticity

As Hans Zimmer explains in an interview clip, one wrong note can hurt the sentiments of millions of fans and ruin the entire movie-going experience. This raises the question: who are these movies being made for? The fans, right? So, why not stick to what has worked in the past – authenticity over gimmicks to grab attention.


Have Your Say

What’s your take on the decision to use John Williams’ classic theme for Wonder Woman? Are you in favor of it, and if so, why? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

In a world where the clash between nostalgia and authenticity continues, fans and studios will undoubtedly keep debating how best to honor iconic characters like Wonder Woman while keeping up with the changing times.