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Jared Leto, a talented actor and musician, has faced his fair share of controversies over the years. Let’s dive into the controversies surrounding this celebrity and understand what has caused the backlash against him.


Growing Up in an Artistic Environment

Jared Leto’s upbringing was unique. He was raised in Louisiana by his mother, Constance, who was part of the hippie movement in the 70s. Constance encouraged her sons to explore the arts, surrounding them with artists, musicians, photographers, painters, and theater enthusiasts. They celebrated creativity and expression, allowing Jared to develop his artistic side from a young age.


Musical Roots and Hollywood Stardom

With a strong musical inclination, Jared formed his rock band, Thirty Seconds To Mars, in 1998 in Los Angeles. However, he didn’t stop at music and ventured into acting, initially landing minor roles. Soon, he gained fame in Hollywood for his good looks and versatile acting skills, earning an A-list status.


The Joker Controversy

One of the earliest controversies involving Jared Leto stemmed from his portrayal of the Joker in the movie Suicide Squad. To prepare for the role, Leto embraced method acting to the extreme. He played pranks on his co-stars, sending Will Smith a box of bullets and a bizarre letter, Margot Robbie a love letter along with a rat, and unconventional gifts to his colleagues. While he aimed to stay true to his character, these antics did not sit well with many fans, who found his rendition of the Joker less appealing.

Accusations of Inappropriate Behavior

Allegations of Jared Leto’s inappropriate behavior surfaced as early as 2005 when an anonymous source claimed he constantly texted underage girls. During his time touring with Thirty Seconds To Mars, he allegedly encouraged a culture of pursuing teenage models. These accusations gained momentum when more victims came forward with similar experiences. Notably, actor Dylan Sprouse and director James Gunn also expressed concerns about Leto’s behavior.


The Echelon Cult

Perhaps the most shocking revelation is the existence of a cult-like group known as Echelon, led by Jared Leto. The group organized retreats, including a three-day music festival in Croatia, featuring yoga and movie screenings. While this may seem harmless, the attire, Leto’s long hair, and the perceived closeness and intimacy between Leto and some followers raised eyebrows.


Legal Allegations

In May 2022, a court hearing took place between Jared Leto and actor Michael Barkanic. The allegation suggested that Leto was involved in cult practices and had engaged in inappropriate activities with minors. The outcome of this hearing remains undisclosed.


Internet Outrage

The internet has been abuzz with outrage over the allegations against Jared Leto. Many netizens have criticized Hollywood for seemingly ignoring his problematic behavior. Some even called for his removal from the movie Morbius due to the resurfacing allegations.



Jared Leto’s journey from a talented actor and musician to a controversial figure has been filled with ups and downs. While he has achieved fame for his artistic talents, allegations of inappropriate behavior, his extreme method acting, and the existence of the Echelon cult have tarnished his reputation. The internet continues to debate whether he deserves a place in the entertainment industry amidst these controversies.