YouTube: What Happened With 8 Passengers?



The YouTube channel “8 Passengers,” run by Ruby and Kevin Franke, once known for its family vlogs, has become the talk of the town once again. People are curious about what went wrong with this popular channel, which was taken down from YouTube nearly two years ago. Let’s dive into the story and uncover the details.


The Downfall of 8 Passengers

Before Ruby’s recent arrest, the “8 Passengers” channel was already facing problems. Back in 2021, it vanished from YouTube, leaving fans puzzled. Even before its removal, Ruby and Kevin Franke were heavily criticized for their parenting style, which many considered toxic and abusive. As a result, sponsors started dropping out, and the channel lost its shine.


Recent Developments

The Franke couple, Ruby and Kevin, are currently in the spotlight due to felony charges related to child abuse. They were arrested alongside their friend Jodi Hildebrandt. However, this turn of events didn’t surprise long-time viewers of the channel.


8 Passengers: A Glimpse into Their Lives

“8 Passengers” offered viewers a peek into the daily lives of Ruby Franke, Kevin Franke, and their six children: Shari, Chad, Abby, Julie, Russell, and Eve. At its peak, the channel had around 2.5 million subscribers. However, it faced undisclosed issues and was removed from YouTube.


Allegations and Decline

The Franke family had to deal with allegations of wrongdoing, which contributed to the channel’s declining reputation and viewership. These accusations led to the creation of a different and controversial channel last year. Some family members, like Kevin and their elder daughter Shari, stepped away from the public eye.


Shift to TikTok and Consequences

As “8 Passengers” content migrated to TikTok from YouTube, it stirred up viral discussions and controversies. This shift resulted in a battle within the online community and led to the loss of sponsorships. In 2020, the family faced a significant setback when advertisers like Clorox withdrew their support due to negative attention and controversies.


The Franke Kids Now

Currently, the four Franke children are under the care of the Department of Child and Family Services in Utah. The state takes child abuse seriously, defining it as severe mistreatment, including starvation, broken bones, head injuries, and suffocation. Intentionally causing such harm can lead to severe penalties, including up to 15 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

Shari’s Relief

Following Ruby’s arrest, her estranged daughter, Shari, took to Instagram to express relief that justice is finally being served. She revealed that she and her family had been trying to alert the police and Child Protective Services about these issues for years.



the rise and fall of the “8 Passengers” YouTube channel, coupled with the recent legal troubles of Ruby and Kevin Franke, have captured the attention of the online community. While the channel may be gone, the questions surrounding its disappearance and the allegations of child abuse continue to intrigue viewers worldwide.