Fact Check: Is Wickes Son Dead? Nyesom Wike Son Shot Dead Death Hoax Debunked



A shocking and disturbing rumor has been circulating, claiming the tragic death of Governor Wike’s only son in California, US. This news has left many in disbelief and sorrow, and the internet has been buzzing with discussions and questions surrounding this alleged incident. In this article, we delve into the facts behind these claims and separate truth from fiction.


Fact-Checking the Rumors

The report in question alleges that Governor Wike’s sole son met a tragic end in California, US. The immediate question that arises is the cause of his untimely demise – how did Governor Wike’s son meet his unfortunate fate? According to the report, he was fatally shot in California, suggesting a death by gunshot. This revelation raises the pressing inquiry: who is responsible for this tragic incident?


Unveiling the Source

To uncover the source of these distressing rumors, we turn to Igbo Times, the platform responsible for first breaking this news. As per Igbo Times, an 18-year-old individual is alleged to have committed this act. However, the identity of this assailant remains shrouded in mystery. This lack of clarity prompts further questions, including the motive behind such a heinous act.


Examining the Motive

Reports indicate a speculation that the murder of Governor Wike’s son may be connected to Governor Wike’s involvement in Rivers’ elections. This notion implies that the tragic incident could be a consequence of political actions and tensions. It’s crucial to note that while these speculations persist, no official report has substantiated these claims.


Seeking the Truth

In the midst of these unsettling rumors, it’s essential to emphasize that the authenticity of this news remains unverified. We are diligently working to fact-check these claims and are committed to providing you with accurate and up-to-date information. Rest assured that as soon as we have verified information, it will be promptly shared on this platform.



Governor Wike’s son’s alleged death has sparked considerable online discussions and emotions, yet it’s crucial to approach such news with caution until verified facts emerge. In our pursuit of the truth, we will continue to investigate and provide you with any confirmed updates. Stay tuned to PKB News for reliable and accurate news reporting.