What happened to Jessie Lee Ward: Who was Boss Lee?



In this article, we pay tribute to the late Jessie Lee Ward, a name that has garnered attention and curiosity across the internet. Her story is one that resonates with many, and we aim to shed light on her life, her battle with cancer, and her legacy. Join us in remembering Jessie Lee Ward.


Jessie Lee Ward: A Courageous Battle

Jessie Lee Ward, the Vice President of Pruvit, embarked on a challenging journey when she received a diagnosis that would alter the course of her life. In March of a certain year, she was confronted with the harsh reality of colon cancer. It marked the beginning of her fight, a battle that would test her resilience and determination.


A Controversial Choice

Upon receiving her cancer diagnosis, Jessie Lee Ward faced a pivotal decision – whether to follow the conventional path of chemotherapy or explore alternative, natural treatments. In a move that drew both support and criticism, she chose the latter. Her decision to forego chemotherapy was accompanied by strong opinions, many of which she shared on social media.

In one Instagram video, she used provocative language to describe chemotherapy and even referred to her oncologist and surgeon as “pimps.” She openly criticized the persuasive tactics employed in promoting chemotherapy, equating them to a powerful and seductive sales pitch. Her unfiltered remarks on this topic ignited a passionate debate among social media users.


A Heartfelt Goodbye

Despite her unwavering determination, Jessie Lee Ward’s health continued to deteriorate, and tragically, she lost her battle with colon cancer. On September 15, 2023, a solemn post on her Facebook profile confirmed her passing. It was a moment of profound sadness for her supporters, who had held onto hope for her recovery. A tweet preceding her passing had called for a virtual prayer circle, reflecting the deep faith her followers had in her ability to overcome the odds.

Two days before her passing, her Facebook page paid tribute to her legacy. It emphasized her strong desire to empower individuals to chase their dreams. Jessie Lee Ward’s story is a poignant one, marked by her cancer diagnosis, her unconventional treatment choice, and her eventual farewell due to colon cancer.


A Figure in the World of Alternative Treatments

Jessie Lee Ward’s vocal stance against chemotherapy and her decision to explore alternative remedies thrust her into the spotlight in the realm of cancer treatment. As the Vice President of Pruvit, an MLM company specializing in ketone supplements, she made a significant impact in the multi-level marketing industry.

Pruvit, under her leadership, reportedly employed nearly 12,000 individuals, showcasing the vast reach and influence of the MLM business. Her association with Pruvit amplified her voice, allowing her to reach and inspire thousands of people.



Jessie Lee Ward’s journey was one of resilience, courage, and conviction. Her decision to pursue alternative treatments for colon cancer sparked discussions and debates. Her legacy, both in the world of cancer treatment and multi-level marketing, continues to influence and inspire. As we remember Jessie Lee Ward, we acknowledge the complexities of her choices and the impact she made on the lives of many.