Ashtin Glen: 18-Year-Old Suspect Arrested in Lockwood Shooting

Ashtin Glen: 18-Year-Old Suspect Arrested in Lockwood Shooting


Early on a Sunday morning in Lockwood, a suburb of Billings, a troubling incident occurred, heightening worries about safety in the community. Law enforcement swiftly acted, capturing an 18-year-old suspect involved in a shooting that escalated into a high-speed police chase through the city. This incident, coupled with five others in the past 15 days, has left residents on edge and prompted authorities to prioritize finding a resolution.


Shooting Incident in Lockwood Raises Alarm

During the quiet hours of Sunday morning, a distressing shooting incident took place in Lockwood, prompting a rapid response from authorities. The victim sustained severe, life-threatening injuries, emphasizing the gravity of the situation. Law enforcement promptly launched an investigation to identify the assailant and gather crucial evidence.


Police Pursuit Unfolds at High Speed

As the investigation unfolded, it was revealed that the suspect attempted to flee the scene in a stolen vehicle, triggering a high-speed pursuit through Billings. The chase only concluded when the suspect’s vehicle crashed, leading to two individuals fleeing from the scene.


Arrest Made, Second Individual Remains at Large

Following the crash, law enforcement successfully apprehended one individual involved in the chase. However, the second person managed to escape, seeking refuge in the 700 block of Broadwater Avenue. Authorities are actively searching for this individual to make an arrest and gather any information related to the incident.


Identifying the 18-Year-Old Suspect

The person connected to the shooting has been identified as 18-year-old Ashtin Glen. Glen was taken into custody shortly after midnight on Sunday and is currently in police custody. Authorities are focused on uncovering the motive behind the shooting and exploring any potential connections Glen might have had with the victim or others involved.


Ongoing Investigation Prioritizes Justice

The Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office is spearheading the ongoing investigation into the shooting and recent incidents in the Billings area. Law enforcement is diligently collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, and striving to understand the events comprehensively. Their commitment remains unwavering in delivering justice for the victim and ensuring the safety of the community.


Rising Concerns for Public Safety

With six shootings occurring in the Billings area in just 15 days, residents are increasingly worried about their safety and the well-being of the community. In response, local authorities are taking proactive measures, intensifying patrols, and implementing strategies to address gun-related violence.


Heightened Apprehensions and Swift Action Needed

The Lockwood shooting and subsequent police chase have heightened concerns about public safety in the community. The ongoing investigation led by the Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office aims to provide clarity on the case and prioritize residents’ safety. Swift and effective measures are crucial to tackle the growing issue of gun-related violence and restore a sense of security in Billings.


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Q: How many shootings have occurred in the Billings area in the past 15 days?

A: There have been six shootings in the Billings area within the past 15 days.

Q: What measures are local authorities taking to address concerns about public safety?

A: Local authorities are increasing patrols and implementing strategies to curb gun-related violence.

Q: Who is leading the ongoing investigation into the shooting incidents?

A: The Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office is leading the ongoing investigation.