Celebrities Who Are Still In Prison

Celebrities Who Are Still In Prison



Even the biggest celebrities aren’t exempt from breaking the law. While some stars face minor troubles, others find themselves in deep waters, serving lengthy prison sentences for severe offenses. Let’s take a look at the shocking stories of famous personalities who are still behind bars, their crimes leaving an indelible mark on their legacies.


Suge Knight:

In the world of hip-hop, Suge Knight, the former CEO of Death Row Records, made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Knight was sentenced to 28 years in prison for voluntary manslaughter after a fatal altercation in 201He claimed self-defense but is now serving time until 203Knight even accused Dr. Dre of plotting against him, adding a bizarre twist to his already complicated story.


Jared Fogle:

Once known as the face of Subway, Jared Fogle’s life took a dark turn. After losing weight and becoming a Subway spokesperson, he admitted to heinous crimes in 201Fogle confessed to receiving child pornography and engaging in illegal activities with minors, resulting in a sentence of over 15 years. His actions shocked many, and he faces the harsh reality of prison until at least 2030.


Michael Jace:

Known for his role in “The Shield,” Michael Jace’s personal life took a tragic turn. In 2014, he shot his wife, April, in front of their children, leading to a 40-year prison sentence. Motivated by jealousy, the actor’s violent history came to light during the trial, revealing a pattern of abuse. His actions shattered the family and left a lasting impact on those who knew him.


Harvey Weinstein:

Film mogul Harvey Weinstein faced a slew of accusations, with dozens of women speaking out against him. In 2020, he was found guilty of criminal sexual acts and rape, receiving a 23-year prison sentence. Weinstein’s case became a symbol of the #MeToo movement, highlighting the abuse of power in the entertainment industry and bringing justice to his victims.



Rapper C-Murder, born Corey Miller, is serving a life sentence for second-degree murder. Convicted in 2009, new evidence and Kim Kardashian’s advocacy have raised questions about the fairness of his trial. The Supreme Court’s decision in 2020 regarding unanimous jury verdicts adds a layer of complexity to Miller’s case, leaving his fate uncertain.


R. Kelly:

R&B singer R. Kelly faced federal charges for recruiting young girls for sexual encounters. In 2022, he received a 30-year sentence for sex trafficking, adding to a previous conviction for child pornography. Kelly’s fall from grace serves as a stark reminder of the consequences celebrities face when their actions cross legal boundaries.


Oscar Pistorius:

Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius made headlines for a different reason in 2013 when he shot and killed his girlfriend. Initially sentenced to five years, the verdict was later changed to murder, extending his prison time to potentially 2030. Pistorius’ story reflects the tragedy of a once-celebrated athlete whose life took a devastating turn.



These celebrities, once in the limelight, are now serving prison sentences that reflect the gravity of their actions. From heinous crimes to shocking revelations, their stories serve as cautionary tales. The impact of their choices extends beyond their personal lives, forever altering their legacies and reminding us that fame and fortune do not shield anyone from the consequences of criminal behavior.