Chinese Dramas On Netflix That Are Better Than K-Dramas



Watching shows and movies from other countries is really popular now. People enjoy exploring different languages and cultures. They talk a lot about these shows online, especially Korean dramas, telenovelas, and other Asian dramas. Friday nights or free time are perfect for watching these—there’s something for everyone, like romance, action, or historical stories.


The World of Chinese Dramas

Chinese dramas, from places like Taiwan or Mainland China, have been loved for a long time in Asia. They might not get as much attention as Korean or Japanese shows, but they’re big! These dramas have amazing production and some of the best actors in Taiwan and China. Many fans consider these shows as classics.


Top Picks on Netflix

Let’s talk about the best Chinese dramas you can watch on Netflix right now. These shows have interesting stories and great acting. They might not be as famous as some others, but they’re definitely worth your time.


1. The Untamed

This drama is super popular! It’s about adventure, friendship, and magic. People love the story and the actors. It’s a must-watch if you like fantasy tales.


2. Love O2O

This one’s a sweet love story set in the world of online gaming. It’s fun, romantic, and perfect for a cozy night in.


3. The Long Ballad

Get ready for action and romance set in ancient China. This show has beautiful costumes and thrilling fights.


4. Meteor Garden

A classic! This drama has everything—love, drama, and a bit of comedy. It’s about a poor girl in a rich school and her love story with a rich guy.


5. Word of Honor

If you’re into mystery and martial arts, this drama is for you. It’s got a gripping plot and amazing fight scenes.


6. The Rise of Phoenixes

This is an epic story set in ancient times with political intrigue and romance. It’s visually stunning and has great acting.



So, if you’re a fan of dramas, especially Chinese ones, these shows on Netflix are a must-watch! Each has its own unique story and charm, making your binge-watching sessions all the more enjoyable. Try them out for a fun and entertaining time!