Deadliest Catch: What Happened To The Northwestern?




 The Unstoppable Northwestern

For fans hooked on Discovery’s “Deadliest Catch,” the F/V Northwestern is a star in its own right. Owned by the resilient Hansen family and skippered by Sig Hansen, this 124-foot-long fishing boat has sailed through 19 seasons, facing storms both at sea and in life. Despite legal troubles and family challenges, the Northwestern stands tall, making it a cornerstone for the Hansens.


A New Crew Member Sets Sail

Season 19 brought a fresh face to the Northwestern crew – Captain Hansen’s daughter, Mandy Hansen. In 2022, Mandy shared her passion for the water, saying, “I always wanted to be on the water.” With Mandy on deck, the Northwestern’s journey on “Deadliest Catch” looks set to continue well into 2023, promising more adventures for the devoted fans.


Legal Waves Hit Northwestern

Recently, the Northwestern faced legal turbulence as the boat’s owners filed a lawsuit against “Deadliest Catch” producers. The lawsuit is tied to a medical emergency that unfolded on board, revealing the ongoing legal struggles and controversies surrounding the Hansen family.


A Crew Member’s Medical Crisis

In 2020, amidst COVID-19 protocols, the Northwestern confronted a severe medical emergency. Crew member Nick Mavar Jr. experienced a ruptured appendix, uncovering a cancerous tumor and leading to complications. Legal battles ensued, with Mavar Jr. suing the Hansens, who, in turn, pointed fingers at the show’s production company for the medical costs. The pandemic restrictions played a role, limiting access to necessary medical personnel, according to the legal representatives of Hansen Family Inc.


Troubled Waters Run Deep

Beyond legal issues, the Hansen family faced personal challenges. In 2018, Captain Sig Hansen’s brother, Edgar, admitted to sexually assaulting a minor. Although absent from the show since season 15, Edgar’s presence on the crew persists off-camera. Captain Sig himself has been entangled in a decades-long sex abuse controversy involving his estranged daughter, Melissa Eckstrom.


Northwestern Beyond the Catch

Before the legal storms, the Northwestern ventured beyond crabbing. The boat inspired “Crabby the Boat” in Disney’s “Cars 2,” with Captain Sig lending his voice. The Northwestern also made a cameo in South Park’s “Whale Whores” episode in 2009, showcasing its cultural impact beyond the sea.


 Navigating Uncharted Territories

Despite the controversies, Captain Sig reflected on the boat’s unexpected ventures, such as its role in “Cars 2.” The Northwestern’s influence even reached the toy shelves with a Disney toy crafted in its likeness. These unexpected journeys highlight the boat’s unique place in popular culture, transcending the challenges faced by its crew.



In the face of uncertainties, the Northwestern sails on, a symbol of resilience, facing the waves of life and the Bering Sea. As fans continue to follow the gripping tales of “Deadliest Catch,” the Northwestern remains an anchor in the tumultuous waters of reality TV, proving that even in the roughest seas, some boats weather the storms and sail on.