Disturbing Details About The Life Of Cannibal Author Jose Luis Calva



When Alejandra Galeana, Jose Luis Calva’s ex-girlfriend, went missing, suspicions arose. Her mother, Soledad Garabito Fernández, believed Calva might be involved due to his threatening behavior. Police discovered a gruesome scene in Calva’s apartment, revealing Galeana’s dismembered body in unimaginable conditions.


A Tragic Childhood

Calva’s troubled childhood unfolded with the loss of his father at age 2. Raised by a domineering and abusive mother, Elia Calva, he endured physical and emotional torment. Prosecutors described Elia as controlling, and Calva revealed instances of severe abuse, including the destruction of a cherished toy.


The Dark Side of Creativity

Despite his troubled past, Calva portrayed himself as a writer and poet. Claiming to earn significant income from selling his works, he even showed Galeana’s mother an unfinished book titled “Cannibal Instinct.” Calva’s false claims of being a journalist and TV personality added complexity to his persona.


A Disturbing Psychological Profile

Prosecutors painted a psychological profile of Calva, revealing addiction issues with cocaine and alcohol. Calva’s depressive tendencies and thoughts of suicide were noted. He craved social acceptance but struggled to fit in. Accusations of his involvement in other women’s deaths further darkened the profile.


Allegations of Additional Crimes

Calva’s connection to other deaths surfaced, with allegations of at least two more victims. The discovery of an ex-girlfriend’s remains in 2004 and a potential involvement in the death of a sex worker in 2007 intensified the chilling narrative surrounding the Cannibal Poet.


Mysterious Jail Death

Calva’s time behind bars was short-lived. Found dead in his jail cell on December 11, 2007, his demise was officially ruled a suicide by hanging. However, doubts lingered, with claims from his sister suggesting foul play. Questions arose about how Calva obtained a belt, challenging the circumstances of his alleged suicide.


Controversial End to a Troubled Life

Despite assertions from Calva’s relatives that he faced extortion from fellow inmates, prison officials maintained he took his own life. His lawyer, Moises Humberto Guerrero Calderon, disputed the suicide narrative, citing Calva’s enthusiasm for an ongoing book project. With Calva’s death, unanswered questions lingered, leaving loved ones grappling with the disturbing events surrounding Galeana’s demise.

In exploring the unsettling life of Jose Luis Calva, the Cannibal Poet, a dark tale emerges, highlighting the complexities of a troubled individual driven to horrifying extremes. The chilling details of his crimes and mysterious demise cast a shadow over the disturbing legacy of one of Mexico’s infamous criminal figures.