Fact check: Was Pardison Fontaine a schoolteacher? Concerning tweets resurface

Fact check: Was Pardison Fontaine a schoolteacher? Concerning tweets resurface



1: Pardison Fontaine’s Past Tweets Cause a Stir

In recent days, the internet has been buzzing with talk about American rapper Pardison Fontaine. What’s catching everyone’s attention are his old tweets, causing a lot of discussion online. One particular tweet from 2011 has resurfaced, where he expressed hopes about his “future wife” being only 14 at the time. This tweet has sparked controversy as people pointed out that he was 22 years old then, expressing a desire for a minor as his wife.


Controversial Remarks on Age and Relationships

Another tweet that’s making the rounds involves Pardison Fontaine stating, “A guy over 25 can’t find a girl under five. Unless you’re hiring straight out of middle school, haha.” This comment raised eyebrows, especially considering that Pardison had worked as a substitute teacher at a middle school in the Hudson Valley. This revelation has stirred the pot, with some questioning the appropriateness of his past statements.


The Teacher-Turned-Rapper

Contrary to the rumors circulating online, it’s essential to set the record straight about Pardison Fontaine’s teaching history. Yes, he was indeed a substitute teacher in the past. Born Jordan Thorpe on December 29, 1989, in Newburgh, New York, Pardison Fontaine later ventured into the music scene as a rapper, composer, and record producer. His talent became evident when he co-wrote Cardi B’s hit song, “Bodak Yellow,” propelling him into the spotlight.


When Music Intersected with Teaching

Pardison’s journey took an interesting turn when his students discovered his double life as a rapper. This revelation led to authorities urging him to resign from his teaching position. The incident sheds light on the challenges of balancing a career in education with a budding music career. Despite the setback, Pardison Fontaine continued to make a name for himself in the music industry, showcasing his sharp lyrics and unique style.


 Megan Thee Stallion’s Revelation

Adding more fuel to the fire, rapper Megan Thee Stallion spilled the beans about Pardison Fontaine in one of her recent songs. She disclosed that her ex-boyfriend, Pardison, had been involved in an affair. This revelation further intensified the spotlight on Pardison’s personal life, connecting the dots between his relationships and his experiences as a teacher.


Pardison Fontaine’s Rise to Fame

Despite the controversies, Pardison Fontaine’s career trajectory has been noteworthy. Rising from the streets of Newburgh, he carved his path in the music world with his breakthrough songwriting on “Bodak Yellow.” His incisive lyrics and distinctive flair set him apart, capturing the attention of music enthusiasts worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates on Pardison Fontaine’s journey from the classroom to the stage.


My Final Opinion

, the recent discussions surrounding Pardison Fontaine highlight the complexities of navigating fame while juggling a background in education. As the rapper continues to make headlines, it’s a reminder that everyone has a unique journey, with twists and turns that shape their narrative.