Fred Lehman Obituary Cause Of Death : What Happened To Fred Lehman?

Fred Lehman Obituary Cause Of Death : What Happened To Fred Lehman?


The Des Moines community is grieving the sudden loss of Fred Earl Lehman and Mary Louise Lehman. A fatal car accident on a Sunday evening has left their daughter Lyndsay Lehman and the extended family in deep sorrow.


Pillars of the Community

Fred and Mary Lehman were not just loved by their family; they were admired by the entire community. For 57 years, they served as pillars, always ready to help. Whether offering shelter to the elderly or providing housing to the homeless, their kindness reached far beyond Des Moines.


A Life of Service

The Lehman couple dedicated their lives to serving others. Engaged in missionary work and serving as pastors, they made a lasting impact. Mary, fondly known as Mama Mary, was an inspiration at Iowa State Bar Association events, making significant contributions through her work.


Tragedy Strikes

The tragic accident occurred on a Sunday night as the Lehmans were returning from church. Their car collided with another vehicle, resulting in a severe impact. The Lehman’s car struck a utility pole and flipped over, claiming their lives.


A Daughter’s Strength

Lyndsay Lehman, their daughter, has shown incredible strength and compassion amidst the tragedy. Advocating for forgiveness and empathy, she reflects the values instilled by her parents. The Lehman family’s ability to support the young driver involved in the accident speaks volumes about their commitment to these principles.


 Legacy Beyond Family

Fred’s missionary work and Mary’s contributions to the Iowa State Bar Association underscore the impact of a single act. Their lives exemplify the enduring power of kindness, compassion, and community building.


Embracing Core Values

In the face of grief, the Lehman family chooses to honor Fred and Mary’s memory by embracing their cherished values—compassion, forgiveness, and love. Their legacy continues to inspire and influence the community and the world.


 How to Support the Lehman Family?

Answer: The Lehman family appreciates the love and support. Consider making a donation to a charity of your choice in Fred and Mary’s honor.

Memorial Services for Fred and Mary?

Answer: Details of any memorial services or gatherings will be shared with the community once finalized by the Lehman family.

Contributing to Their Causes?

Answer: Connect with Des Moines organizations aligned with Fred and Mary’s values. Explore volunteer opportunities or make a donation in their memory.


My Conclusive View: A Community Mourns and Celebrates

My Final Opinion, Des Moines mourns the tragic loss of Fred and Mary Lehman but celebrates the enduring legacy they leave behind. Their lives teach us the profound impact of kindness and the ripple effect of our actions on the community and the world.