Hidrent Shark Tank Update 2022: Is It A Successful Company Now?



Dave Heimbuch stepped into the famous “Shark Tank” with his app, Hidrent, to strike a deal with the big investors. His app was different, helping firefighters find extra work when they weren’t on duty. People liked the idea a lot, so we decided to follow how Hidrent has been doing since then.


Meet the Mind Behind Hidrent

Dave Heimbuch, the person who created Hidrent, knows a lot about marketing and tech sales. He finished studying at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln in 1995. After that, he worked at many big companies like Shazam Entertainment and AT&T Mobility. He started Hidrent in 2017 when he was working at Tapad.


What Hidrent Does

Hidrent is an app made by Dave Heimbuch. It helps firefighters find extra work when they’re not busy with their firefighting duties. This helps them earn more money when they have free time. Many people found this idea really cool and helpful.


The Background of the Creator

Dave Heimbuch is someone who knows a lot about selling things and working with technology. He studied business and has worked in many important jobs before making Hidrent. This app was a new idea for him, and he started it while he was already working at another company.


Hidrent’s Development Post Shark Tank

After Hidrent was shown on “Shark Tank,” many people wanted to know how it was doing. It got a lot of attention because it was a good idea that could help firefighters. People were curious if the app became successful after being on TV.


The Progress of Hidrent

Hidrent got a lot of attention because it helps firefighters find more work. But we found out that there wasn’t much news about how the app was doing after it was on “Shark Tank.” It’s not clear how much progress it made or if it became a big success.


The Impact of Hidrent

Hidrent had a good idea to help firefighters earn more money. But it’s hard to know if many firefighters started using the app or if it made a big difference in their lives. Sometimes, even good ideas find it tough to become very successful.



In conclusion, Dave Heimbuch came up with a great idea in Hidrent to help firefighters earn extra money. After appearing on “Shark Tank,” many people were excited to see how well it would do. However, there isn’t much news about how successful it became after that. Despite the promising concept, it’s not clear how much impact Hidrent had on firefighters’ lives.