Shailja Gupta and Kurush Mistry: Indian Couple in Manhattan Verbally Abuses Jewish Man, Destroys Posters of Kidnapped Israelis

Shailja Gupta and Kurush Mistry: Indian Couple in Manhattan Verbally Abuses Jewish Man, Destroys Posters of Kidnapped Israelis


In a recent incident causing a stir on social media, an Indian couple, Shailja Gupta and Kurush Mistry, have found themselves at the center of controversy for their alleged anti-Semitic actions in Manhattan, New York. The incident, captured in a widely circulated video, has sparked outrage and condemnation globally.


The Controversial Video: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The video, originally shared by user @MrAndyNgo, shows Gupta and Mistry covering posters of kidnapped Israelis with signs that read, “OCCUPIERS FACE CONSEQUENCES.” This unfolded against the backdrop of the ongoing Middle East conflict. In the footage, the couple can be heard instructing a Jewish man recording them to “go back to your country.” Gupta escalates the situation further by making derogatory comments about Jewish individuals.


Public Outcry: Global Condemnation and Two Million Views

The two-minute video quickly gained traction, amassing nearly two million views within a short period. The online community expressed widespread outrage and condemnation for the couple’s actions. People from various parts of the world criticized the behavior captured in the video, emphasizing the need for responsible conduct on social media platforms.


Silence Speaks Volumes: No Public Response from Gupta and Mistry

Despite the escalating controversy, neither Shailja Gupta nor Kurush Mistry has offered any public response or statement at the time of writing this article. The lack of communication from the couple has left the public questioning the potential impact of the incident on their personal and professional lives.


Kurush Mistry: Accomplished Oil Analyst with a Private Instagram Account

Kurush Mistry, an oil analyst with an impressive nine-year tenure at Freepoint Commodities, has had a successful career with notable roles at prestigious organizations. Holding degrees from the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad and the University of Madras, Mistry is also a certified member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants in India. It’s interesting to note that his Instagram account is currently set to private, adding a layer of mystery to his online presence.


Shailja Gupta: Versatile Visual Artist with an Inactive X Account

In contrast, Shailja Gupta is a seasoned visual artist, filmmaker, and emerging tech strategic consultant. With a remarkable 29-year career, Gupta has made significant contributions to her respective fields. As the founder of Pocket Box Office, her achievements include awards like the Wharton Social Media Leadership Award. Notably, her X account, @Shailja, is currently inactive, raising questions about her online engagement in the midst of this controversy.


The Fallout: Lessons in Responsible Social Media Behavior

The backlash against Gupta and Mistry underscores the significance of responsible behavior on social media platforms. The alleged anti-Semitic actions have not only triggered public outrage but also highlight the far-reaching implications of one’s digital actions in the contemporary age. The couple’s silence further deepens the uncertainty surrounding the consequences they may face in the aftermath of this controversy.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What actions led to the controversy involving Kurush Mistry and Shailja Gupta?

A: The controversy arose when a video surfaced showing Mistry and Gupta obscuring posters of kidnapped Israelis with signs reading, “OCCUPIERS FACE CONSEQUENCES.” The actions were deemed anti-Semitic, leading to online backlash.

Q: How did the audience react to the video?

A: The video garnered nearly two million views, sparking widespread outrage and condemnation from people worldwide.

Q: Has there been any response from Kurush Mistry and Shailja Gupta regarding the controversy?

A: As of now, the couple has not issued any public response or statement concerning the controversy, leaving the public in suspense about the potential ramifications of their actions.