The Highest Blood Alcohol Levels Ever Recorded

The Highest Blood Alcohol Levels Ever Recorded



A Sobering Reality

Drinking too much can lead to some seriously wild situations, from embarrassing moments to life-threatening incidents. In this article, we’ll take a look at some unbelievable stories of people reaching mind-boggling blood alcohol levels. Remember, these stories are far from a guidebook—drinking responsibly is crucial for a safe and healthy life.


Rhonda Oquist: A Driveway Surprise (.450 BAC)

During the 2014 holiday season in Minnesota, Rhonda Oquist was found passed out behind the wheel with an astonishing .45% blood alcohol content. Luckily, she ended up in the driveway of an off-duty state trooper. While her situation may seem comical, it serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of excessive drinking.


Levi Carter: The Unbelievable Breathalyzer (.467 BAC)

Iowa City resident Levi Carter’s saga began with a witness reporting his reckless driving. When tested, his blood alcohol content was an incredible .467%. The breathalyzer even struggled to register such a high level. Carter’s case underscores the importance of responsible alcohol consumption.


Stephen Allbritton: Drunk Driving with a Shocking Surprise (.495 BAC)

In Florida, Stephen Allbritton was found passed out at the wheel with a .495% BAC, while two teenagers were in the car. Refusing a breathalyzer, he later consented to a blood test, revealing the staggering alcohol level. Driving drunk is dangerous, but doing so with minors on board is even worse.


James Henderson: A .552 BAC and Imaginary Trucks

Indiana man James Henderson was discovered lying face-down alongside a road with a .552% BAC. Despite his imaginary stories about being hit by a truck, he faced charges of public intoxication, emphasizing the consequences of excessive drinking.


Willard Ashley III: The Suspicious Story (.690 BAC)

Responding to a crashed pickup truck in Indiana, Deputy Robert Adams found Willard Ashley III with a .69% BAC. Ashley’s questionable explanations led to a charge of public intoxication, highlighting the legal ramifications of driving under the influence.


Marguerite Engle: DUI, Motor Vehicle Theft, and a .708 BAC

South Dakota’s Marguerite Engle faced serious trouble when found behind the wheel with a .708% BAC. Her DUI and motor vehicle theft charges resulted in a three-year jail sentence, showcasing the severe consequences of irresponsible drinking.


Terri Comer: The Snow Bank Coma (.720 BAC)

In Oregon, Terri Comer took drunk driving to new extremes, found in a literal coma behind the wheel parked in a snow bank. Her .720% BAC raises eyebrows, emphasizing the need for strict DUI laws.


Vidmantas Sungaila: The Shocking Lithuanian (.727 BAC)

Lithuanian truck driver Vidmantas Sungaila shocked authorities with a .727% BAC while driving down a highway. Despite losing his license and paying a fine, this incident questions the effectiveness of DUI laws.


Nathan Danzuka: A Lifetime Suspension (.778 BAC)

Oregon’s Nathan Danzuka faced severe consequences for crashing a Ford Explorer with a .778% BAC, leading to a lifetime driver’s license suspension. His case highlights the need for strict penalties for repeat DUI offenders.


The Bulgarian Pedestrian: Near-Impossible Survival (.914 BAC)

In Bulgaria, an elderly man survived with a .914% BAC after being hit by a vehicle. This miraculous survival challenges our understanding of alcohol’s lethal effects and emphasizes the unpredictability of such situations.


The SARS Avoider: A Fatal Soak (1.35 BAC)

In Taiwan, a woman’s fear of SARS led to a fatal decision—soaking in a tub filled with 40% ethyl alcohol. With a BAC of 1.35%, her tragic death serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of extreme measures.


The Sheep Thief: A Bizarre Christmas Story (1.6 BAC)

A South African man, with a record-setting BAC of 1.6%, was arrested for drunk driving with stolen sheep in his van. This bizarre incident reinforces the importance of responsible choices, as extreme actions can lead to severe consequences.


My Conclusive View: Learn from the Unbelievable

These extraordinary stories of excessive drinking serve as stark reminders of the dangers associated with irresponsible alcohol consumption. Stay safe, drink responsibly, and avoid making choices that can lead to life-altering consequences. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol-related issues, seek help from appropriate resources.