The Truth About How Arnel Pineda Joined Journey

The Truth About How Arnel Pineda Joined Journey



A Humble Beginning in the Philippines

Arnel Pineda’s road to becoming the lead singer of Journey started in the streets of Manila. Growing up in the Philippines, he faced hardship after leaving school early due to family struggles. Despite these challenges, Pineda began his musical journey by joining a local band at the age of 15.


Catching the Attention of the World

Performing across the Philippines and later in Hong Kong, Pineda’s talent caught the eye of a friend who uploaded one of his performances on Youtube. Little did he know, this online exposure would change his life forever.


Neal Schon’s Unbelievable Discovery

Lead guitarist Neal Schon stumbled upon Pineda’s Youtube video and was amazed at the striking resemblance between Pineda’s voice and former Journey lead singer Steve Perry. Determined to connect with this unknown talent, Schon went on a quest to find Pineda.


A Dream or a Joke? 

Upon learning that Journey’s guitarist was looking for him, Pineda initially thought it was a prank. He laughed off the email from Schon, considering it one of the biggest jokes he’d ever received. Unbeknownst to him, this was the beginning of a life-changing opportunity.


The Nerve-Wracking Auditions

After responding to Schon’s email, Pineda flew to California for a week of intense auditions. Despite his initial disbelief, he faced the nerve-wracking challenge with determination. In December 2007, the announcement came – Arnel Pineda was the new lead singer of Journey.


My Conclusive View

Arnel Pineda’s rise from the streets of Manila to the forefront of one of the world’s iconic bands, Journey, is a tale of resilience and musical prowess. His story continues to inspire aspiring artists, proving that dreams can come true, even when the journey seems improbable.