The Truth About Ink Master’s Ryan Ashley



 Meet the Trailblazer: Ryan Ashley Malarkey

Ryan Ashley Malarkey, also known as the first female champion of the popular reality TV show Ink Master, has a story that goes beyond the tattoo studio. Despite her success, there’s much more to know about this trailblazer, including her unique experiences and personal life.


The Early Years and Otherworldly Encounter

Growing up wasn’t always easy for Ryan Ashley. In an exclusive interview, she revealed that her last name, Malarkey, led to some teasing during her teenage years. But that’s not the only interesting bit about her past. At the tender age of eight, she had what she describes as an encounter with “the extraterrestrial realm.” While she didn’t delve into the details, she acknowledged that the experience left a lasting impact, shaping her beliefs in the existence of beings beyond our world. “There’s a lot of s*** out there,” she remarked, hinting at a mysterious aspect of her life.


 Life Beyond Ink Master: A New Chapter Unfolds

Beyond the tattoo needles and judging panels, Ryan Ashley is a resident artist at Elysium Studios, a tattoo studio and art gallery nestled in Grand Junction, Colorado. Specializing in ornamental jewelry tattoos, her artistry extends beyond the TV screen. Notably, she is married to Arlo DiCristina, who also works alongside her at Elysium Studios.


 From Ink to Parenthood: Ryan’s Journey as a New Mom

In a surprising twist to her story, Ryan Ashley embraced motherhood. According to her Instagram updates, the couple welcomed their first child, Atheus DiCristina, into the world on May 16, 2020. The little one arrived a bit earlier than expected but brought immeasurable joy. Reflecting on her pregnancy, Ryan described it as a “brutal awakening” and a profound learning experience—a gift from the universe that taught her invaluable lessons. Interestingly, Atheus is not just any ordinary baby; he already has his own Instagram account, giving fans a glimpse into the early days of his life.


Lessons from Parenthood and Beyond

While the journey into motherhood brought challenges, Ryan Ashley views it as an essential part of her life. She emphasized that the toughest lessons are often the most crucial to learn. As she navigates both her artistic career and newfound motherhood, Ryan remains an inspiration to many, proving that life’s unexpected twists can lead to beautiful outcomes.


A Glimpse into the Personal Side

Beyond the spotlight of Ink Master, Ryan Ashley’s life is a tapestry woven with unique experiences, from extraterrestrial encounters to the joys of motherhood. Her journey exemplifies resilience, creativity, and a willingness to embrace life’s diverse chapters.


In conclusion

the truth about Ink Master’s Ryan Ashley Malarkey goes beyond the ink-stained walls of tattoo studios. It’s a tale of a woman who has not only conquered the tattoo world but has also embraced the adventure of personal growth, love, and the extraordinary.