Troy Aikman Net Worth: A Look at the NFL Legend’s Earnings!

Troy Aikman Net Worth: A Look at the NFL Legend’s Earnings!

The Early Days

Troy Aikman, a Californian lad born on November 21, 1966, made his mark in the football world. Starting his journey at the University of Oklahoma, he became the first pick for the Dallas Cowboys in the 1989 NFL draft.


The Bumpy Start

His rookie season faced hiccups with injuries and a 1-15 record for the Cowboys. But Aikman’s resilience shone through, leading the team to three Super Bowl victories in the early ’90s.


Big Bucks from the Game

Aikman scored big in the NFL, raking in around $50 million from his 12-year career. The pinnacle was his $7.5 million payday in 199Yet, the real jackpot was beyond the field.


Net Worth Check

As of 2024, Troy Aikman’s net worth stands around $65 million, securing his place among the wealthiest retired NFL players. But hold on, this figure might just climb higher with his ongoing ventures.


Beyond Touchdowns: Endorsements & More

Aikman, like many sports stars, hit the jackpot off the field. Brands like Nike, Pepsi, and Acme Brick endorsed him during his playing days. Post-retirement, he showcased his insights as a color commentator on Fox and delved into real estate, restaurants, and more.


Real Estate Rollercoaster

Aikman’s journey included a real estate ride. A divorce led to listing his Texas home for $27.54 million in 201Despite a price cut to $14 million in 2012, finding a buyer proved challenging. However, he did manage to secure a good deal with a $4.3 million purchase in 2013 and a later sale for $5.4 million in 2015.


Heart for the Heartfelt: Charity Ventures

Beyond the glitz, Aikman has a soft side. He championed causes like the United Way and the Children’s Cancer Fund, even establishing the Troy Aikman Foundation. His off-field contributions, he hopes, will be his lasting legacy.