What Happened To The Three Finalists From Ink Master Season 13?




The curtains closed on Season 13 of Ink Master, leaving contestants and fans anticipating the crowning of the next “Ink Master.” However, the pandemic’s unexpected impact disrupted the traditional finale, leaving finalists Bob Jones, Angel Rose, and Jimmy Snaz with cash prizes instead of the coveted title.


The Unprecedented Finale: A Shift in Ink Master History

In an unprecedented turn of events, the show’s Instagram page broke the news that the traditional grand finale would not unfold due to pandemic restrictions. Instead, the final three artists were awarded cash prizes, and their master canvases were unveiled on social media. For the first time, Ink Master witnessed an ending without conferring the esteemed title upon any contestant.


Bob Jones: Crafting Tattoos in the Heart of Portland

Bob Jones, hailing from Portland, Oregon, has been passionately pursuing his craft since August of the previous year. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Jones shared on Instagram that the virtual shift wouldn’t have done justice to the artists. With tattooing deemed non-essential during the lockdown, showcasing each artist’s style in a six-hour tattoo became an unattainable feat.


Angel Rose: A Dual Canvas in Los Angeles and Salt Lake City

Having graced the Ink Master stage twice, Angel Rose continues her tattooing journey split between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. Her website and social media highlight her commitment to the craft, with an additional mention of her affiliation with the Olympus Tattoo Gallery in Salt Lake City.


Jimmy Snaz: Resuming Artistry in Massachusetts

Amid the challenges of the pandemic, Jimmy Snaz returned to the tattooing scene around the summer of the previous year. His Instagram page reveals his creative endeavors, with a particular focus on his contributions to the Speakeasy Tattoo and Art Gallery in Massachusetts.


Post-Pandemic Tattoo Renaissance: Artists Reclaiming Their Canvas

As pandemic restrictions eased, the tattoo and piercing industry witnessed a resurgence, allowing artists like Bob Jones, Angel Rose, and Jimmy Snaz to return to their true calling. The lifting of bans on tattooing in various states marked a significant step towards normalcy for these talented individuals.


Conclusion: A Continued Journey Beyond Ink Master

While Season 13 concluded with an unconventional finale, the finalists have embraced the challenges posed by the pandemic, showcasing resilience in the face of adversity. Bob Jones, Angel Rose, and Jimmy Snaz have not only persisted in their craft but have also become symbols of the enduring spirit of tattoo artists navigating the ever-evolving landscape of their industry.