What Happened To Todd Spodek From The Anna Sorokin Case?





Todd Spodek, a notable attorney, gained prominence through his representation of Anna Sorokin, the infamous “Soho Grifter.” While his colorful tactics in court and his involvement in high-profile cases made him a celebrity of sorts, Spodek’s legal journey did not end with the Sorokin trial. Let’s explore what happened to Todd Spodek after the Anna Sorokin case and his subsequent ventures in the legal realm.


The Rise and Fall of Anna Sorokin

Anna Sorokin, also known as Anna Delvey, captured the public’s attention with her elaborate con, convincing New York’s elite of her fabricated wealth. Todd Spodek stepped into the spotlight as her attorney during the 2019 trial. Despite his efforts to portray Sorokin as an aspiring individual, she was convicted on multiple larceny charges. The media frenzy around the case inadvertently turned Spodek into a celebrity himself.


 Spodek’s Theatrics in Court

During Sorokin’s trial, Todd Spodek’s courtroom theatrics became as notable as the case itself. He kicked off the defense by referencing Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York,” drawing parallels between Sorokin’s pursuit of a new life in Manhattan and the legendary singer’s determination. Spodek presented Sorokin not as a hardened con artist but as a young woman with “moxie,” urging the jury to see a bit of Anna in themselves.


From Courtroom to Screen: “Inventing Anna”

The Anna Sorokin saga extended to the small screen with the Netflix miniseries “Inventing Anna” in 202Arian Moayed portrayed Todd Spodek, basing his performance on real interactions with the attorney and trial transcripts. This wasn’t Spodek’s first brush with media; he had previously appeared in HBO’s “Generation Hustle” in 2021, discussing his involvement in the Sorokin case.


Spodek’s Continued Legal Ventures

Post-“Inventing Anna,” Todd Spodek embraced another high-profile case. In March 2022, he represented a juror, known as Juror 50, in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. Maxwell, charged in 2020 for her role in the Jeffrey Epstein sexual abuse scandal, faced renewed scrutiny due to the juror’s undisclosed past experiences with sexual abuse. While the courts confirmed Maxwell’s fair trial, Spodek’s involvement showcased his ongoing commitment to headline-grabbing cases.


Beyond the Headlines: Family Law Practice

In addition to high-profile criminal cases, Spodek continues his practice in family law. Handling matters such as child custody, support, and divorce through his firm, Spodek Law Group, he navigates legal landscapes beyond the sensational headlines. Newsweek highlights his representation of clients in need of family law assistance, showcasing the diverse aspects of Spodek’s legal career.


Conclusion: Todd Spodek Today

As of this writing, Todd Spodek resides in Brooklyn with his family, balancing his role in the courtroom and the challenges of everyday legal practice. From the Anna Sorokin case to high-profile trials, Spodek’s legal journey remains a dynamic narrative, proving that his presence in the legal realm extends far beyond the glare of media spotlights.