Whatever Happened To Ink Master Season 3 Winner, Joey Hamilton?




Joey Hamilton, a skilled tattoo artist, clinched victory in the third season of “Ink Master,” a reality tattoo competition that crowns the best ink artist. His journey from the U.S. Air Force to the winner’s chair was unique, driven by a friend’s suggestion that tattooing might be his niche. Learning the ropes from military ink maestro Rodney Folsom, Hamilton seamlessly transitioned into the tattoo industry, thanks to his existing artistic prowess.


Navigating the “Ink Master” Challenge

Joey Hamilton’s path to becoming the “Ink Master” was no cakewalk. In 2013, he faced off against top tattoo artists in the third season of the show. Armed with 17 years of tattooing experience, Hamilton battled it out in the final round with Jime Litwalk and Katherine “Tatu Baby” Flores. Ultimately, it was his impressive leg tattoo of a mermaid that captured the judges’ hearts, earning him the coveted title.


 Post-“Ink Master” Triumphs

Following his “Ink Master” triumph, Joey Hamilton’s career soared to new heights. His tattoo artistry earned him a spotlight on TV series like “Inked” and “Ink Master Redemption.” Boasting over a hundred tattoo awards, Hamilton’s reputation as a global tattoo virtuoso is firmly established. Today, he co-owns the successful Revolt Tattoos, founded in 2014 in Las Vegas’ Fashion Show Mall, and expanded to Meadows Mall, Lake Tahoe, and Salt Lake.


 Revolt Tattoos: A Hub of Ink Excellence

Revolt Tattoos, co-owned by Hamilton and fellow “Ink Master” contestant Walter “Sausage” Frank, stands as a testament to their ink mastery. The shop, born in the vibrant Fashion Show Mall, has flourished, prompting the opening of additional locations. From Meadows Mall to Lake Tahoe and Salt Lake, the tattoo empire continues to grow. Hamilton, with his knack for realistic tattoos, showcases his diverse artistic range on Instagram, sharing the inked tales of satisfied clients.


 Family and Art Blend

Beyond the inked canvas, Joey Hamilton finds joy in family. Married to Liana Hamilton, the couple shares the joys of parenthood with their son. Hamilton’s Instagram not only displays his artistic creations but also offers glimpses into his personal life. The proud father often features his wife and son, creating a heartwarming connection with followers.


Conclusion: A Permanent Mark on the Tattoo Scene

Joey Hamilton’s journey from military service to winning “Ink Master” and co-owning Revolt Tattoos showcases the transformative power of passion. His success extends beyond the winner’s title, with an ever-expanding tattoo empire and a flourishing family life. Joey Hamilton’s artistry continues to leave a permanent mark on the tattoo landscape, proving that talent, dedication, and a love for ink can create a lasting legacy.