Why Did Steve Perry Leave Journey?

Why Did Steve Perry Leave Journey?



Journey, a beloved classic rock band, won the hearts of millions with hits like “Don’t Stop Believin’.” Steve Perry, the lead singer, played a pivotal role in their success. However, fans were saddened when Perry decided to part ways with the band that made him a star. Let’s check out the reasons behind Steve Perry’s departure from Journey.


Steve’s Solo Aspirations

After leading Journey to nine hit records, Steve Perry yearned for a solo career. His first solo album, “Street Talk,” debuted in 198Though the band reunited in 1987, Perry’s world was shaken when his mother fell seriously ill. This unexpected turn of events took a toll on him and the band’s dynamics.

The Hawaiian Hike Incident

Tragedy struck when Perry, while hiking in Hawaii, met with an accident. This mishap left him unable to perform for the scheduled tour, escalating tensions within the group. The hip injury eventually led to a degenerative bone condition, necessitating a critical hip replacement.

The Decision to Leave

Perry, hesitant about immediate surgery, wished to postpone the tour. After 17 months of deliberation, he had not yet undergone the surgery. Faced with a tough choice, the band issued an ultimatum: either Perry undergoes surgery or they seek a new lead singer.


The Final Farewell

Regrettably, things took a somber turn. The band had to part ways with Steve Perry. In a 2018 interview, Perry emphasized that his decision regarding the surgery was a personal matter, unrelated to the band’s affairs. He revealed feeling disconnected from the band and cited disagreements with the management as contributing factors.


Steve Perry’s Last Show

Steve Perry’s final full performance with Journey took place in early 1987, concluding the “Raised on Radio Tour.” He did reunite with the band for a special show in 1991, honoring the late music promoter Bill Graham.


Life After Journey

In 2018, Perry affirmed that his choice to undergo hip surgery was the primary factor in leaving the group. He believed this was a personal decision that should not involve the band. Consequently, Perry left the band for good, making way for Steve Augeri to step in.


Steve Perry Today

Following his departure, Perry released the album “For the Love of Strange Medicine” but eventually withdrew from the music scene. Despite some interviews over the years, he admitted losing the drive to create music. Perry even engaged in legal battles with his former bandmates over song rights.


My Conclusive View

Steve Perry’s departure from Journey was a deeply personal decision driven by health concerns. Despite his remarkable contributions, Perry chose a different path. As fans continue to cherish his legacy, we wish Steve Perry success in his future endeavors.