Class 12 Student Abducted, Urinated Upon By Miscreants In UP’s Meerut

Class 12 Student Abducted, Urinated Upon By Miscreants In UP's Meerut



In a distressing incident in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, a high school student was abducted and subjected to a brutal assault by a group of people. The disturbing video of the incident went viral, showing the victim being attacked mercilessly.


Abduction and Assault Caught on Camera

The distressing incident took place on November 13 near KL International School in the Jagriti Vihar area. The victim, the son of an Energy Corporation lineman, was abducted while distributing sweets. The attackers, armed with sticks and rods, brutally assaulted him, throwing him to the ground. The heart-wrenching video also reveals one of the attackers urinating on the victim’s face as he pleads for mercy.


Swift Police Action

Thanks to the circulation of the video on social media, the Uttar Pradesh Police acted swiftly. Following the victim’s father’s complaint, a case was registered against seven individuals involved in the incident. One suspect, Ashish Malik, has been apprehended, while the identities of the others are still under scrutiny.


Concerns of the Victim’s Family

The victim’s family is distressed about the charges mentioned in the First Information Report (FIR). They worry that the kidnapping charges were omitted, and the accused were charged with less severe sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). This raises concerns about the potential release of the attackers on bail.


Troubling Pattern of Violence

This incident adds to a series of violent acts in the region, reminiscent of a case involving a 14-year-old Dalit boy from Jaunpur district. The boy faced severe mistreatment, including being forced to consume urine and soil, based on accusations of harassment in his village. The perpetrators even went so far as to shave off his eyebrows.


Urgent Call for Action

It is crucial for authorities to take strong action against such violent acts and hold the perpetrators accountable. Society must unite against these heinous crimes, working towards creating a safer environment for everyone.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What steps have authorities taken?

A1: The Uttar Pradesh Police have taken legal action and apprehended one suspect. The identities of other individuals involved are currently under investigation.

Q2: What are the specific allegations against the accused?

A2: The victim’s family is distressed about the charges in the FIR. They believe that the accusation of kidnapping was omitted, and the accused were charged under less severe sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Q3: How can society respond to these violent incidents?

A3: Society must stand united against such atrocious crimes, working towards a safer environment for all. Authorities need to take firm action and ensure that the culprits are held responsible for their actions.