Congress Cheated Government Officers In Rajasthan, As Per Pm Modi

Congress Cheated Government Officers In Rajasthan, As Per Pm Modi


In a recent public rally in Rajasthan’s Dungarpur, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the upcoming Assembly Elections 202Modi expressed concern, stating that the Congress government in Rajasthan has deceived government officers, leaving their hard-earned money stranded without any resolution. The revelation comes as the election fervor intensifies.


Fueling the Debate: BJP Promises Price Discussions

According to PM Modi, once the BJP assumes power in Rajasthan, they pledge to address the rising prices of petrol and diesel. The party vows to make decisions that prioritize the welfare of the people. Modi’s accusations against the Congress shed light on the alleged mistreatment of government officials’ funds, leading to a situation where their concerns remain unaddressed for months.


Countdown to Elections: November 25 Set for Electoral Battle

As the political landscape heats up, Rajasthan braces for an electoral battle for 200 seats, scheduled for a single-phase election on November 2The Election Commission has marked December 3 for the counting of votes. This pivotal day will decide the fate of political parties vying for supremacy. In 2018, the Congress secured 99 seats, altering the scenario from the 2013 Legislative Assembly elections when the BJP emerged victorious with 163 seats.


 BJP Chief Nadda Questions Ashok Gehlot Government’s Credibility

Adding fuel to the political fire, BJP Chief JP Nadda has raised questions about the credibility of the Ashok Gehlot government. A circulating title on the web questions whether Rajasthan, under Gehlot’s leadership, has become a hotspot for dishonesty, acts of violence against women, religious discord, and brutality against Dalits and backward classes. The verbal exchange between party members underscores the intensity of the political battle.


Two Parties, Two Narratives: Unveiling the Truth

In the run-up to the elections, political discourse between the BJP and Congress intensifies. Both parties present their narratives, with accusations and promises dominating the conversation. As we bring you the details sourced from various outlets, this article aims to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the unfolding political drama. Stay connected for the latest updates as we strive to bring you any additional information that surfaces.


Stay Informed: Our Commitment to Timely Updates

We remain committed to keeping our readers well-informed about the evolving political landscape. As the election date approaches, we will continue to deliver timely updates and insights into the developments surrounding the Congress government’s alleged misconduct and the BJP’s promises for a better future. Stay tuned with us for reliable and accurate coverage.