Dragon Quest Monsters: Mini Medals Locations & List

Dragon Quest Monsters: Mini Medals Locations & List


In the thrilling world of Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, players embark on a journey to uncover Mini Medals scattered across different realms. These sought-after treasures hide in secret places, breakable vases, and treasure chests. Let’s dive into specific locations where these Mini Medals can be found, adding an extra layer of excitement to your gaming adventure.


Circle of Conquest, Lower Echelon: Hidden Pot Treasure

Explore the lower echelon of the Circle of Conquest to find a Mini Medal concealed in a pot behind the Laboratorium. Take your time exploring the surroundings to unveil this hidden gem, enhancing your quest for glory.


Maulosseum, 2F: Pot of Riches

Ascend to the second floor of Maulosseum and be on the lookout for a pot harboring a precious Mini Medal. Keep this pot in mind as you navigate through the area, ensuring you don’t miss out on this exciting find.


Dragglenook in Circle of Temper: Ridge Discovery

In Dragglenook, a pot on the upper ridge hides a Mini Medal. Dedicate some moments to scouring the area, and be sure to pinpoint this valuable item. Your thorough exploration will be rewarded.


Circle of Temper, Lower Echelon: Land Bridge Loot

On the land bridge, a chest awaits, holding a Mini Medal. Open the chest to claim your prize, adding another piece to your growing collection. Every discovery counts in your quest for greatness.


Rosehill Tower, Basement in Terrestria: Alcove Adventure

Head to Rosehill Tower in Terrestria and explore the east alcove behind Monty to find a Mini Medal awaiting your attention. Inspect this alcove as part of your exploration, and let the thrill of discovery propel your gaming experience.


Mini Medal Rewards: Turning Collectibles into Power

While the quest for Mini Medals may pose a challenge, the rewards in Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince are well worth the effort. Here are some incredible rewards you can exchange your Mini Medals for, enhancing your gameplay:


Amulet of Immunity: Shielding Against Debuffs

Exchange 3 Mini Medals for the Amulet of Immunity, a valuable item offering protection against specific debuffs and status ailments. Strengthen your party’s resilience with this sought-after accessory.


Sage’s Elixir: Healing Potency

With 5 Mini Medals, acquire the Sage’s Elixir, a potent item that replenishes the HP and MP of all party members. This elixir also serves as a remedy for various ailments, ensuring your party stays in top form during battles.


Metal Slime: Joining Your Monster Army

For 10 Mini Medals, add the elusive Metal Slime to your monster army. Known for high agility and evading attacks, this creature becomes a valuable asset, turning the tides in challenging battles.


Pop Idol’s Scroll: Unleashing New Abilities

Invest 20 Mini Medals in the Pop Idol’s Scroll, a game-changing item facilitating the learning of new abilities and skills for specific monsters. Enhance your monster’s combat capabilities and strategize for victory.


About Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince

Crafted by Square Enix and Tose, Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince is a highly anticipated role-playing video game set for exclusive release on the Nintendo Switch on December 1, 202The captivating narrative centers on Psaro, a character cursed to abstain from causing harm to beings with monster blood. As a Monster Wrangler, Psaro embarks on a quest to assemble a potent monster army, offering solo and online multiplayer modes for diverse gaming experiences.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Essential to Collect Mini Medals to Finish the Game?

A: No, collecting Mini Medals isn’t mandatory, but the rewards enhance your gameplay experience.

Q: Can Mini Medals be Found in Every Realm?

A: Yes, explore various realms to discover Mini Medals scattered throughout the game.

Q: Can Mini Medals be Traded with Other Players?

A: No, Mini Medals can’t be traded. They’re meant for exchanging in-game rewards, adding value to your adventure.