Everything Monster Doesn’t Tell You About The True Story

Everything Monster Doesn't Tell You About The True Story



Charles Manson, infamous for leading the Manson Family cult and orchestrating heinous crimes, left behind a legacy of terror. While Manson himself never faced justice for committing murder, he was convicted of directing the Manson Family in carrying out nine brutal murders. His life sentence, initially a death sentence, persisted until his natural death in prison on November 19, 2017.


Charles Manson’s Complex Family Ties

Despite the darkness surrounding Manson, he embraced family life, marrying two women and fathering at least three children. His first marriage to Rosalie Jean Willis resulted in the birth of Charles Milles Manson, Jr. However, Manson’s incarceration during this period led to his son, later named Jay White, being raised by another man. Tragically, Jay White’s struggles with the weight of his biological father’s crimes culminated in his untimely death by suicide in 1993 at the age of 23.



The Silent Second Son: Charles Luther Manson

Manson’s second son, Charles Luther Manson, born to his second wife, Candy Stevens, in 1960, faced a different fate. After Manson’s release from prison, Candy divorced him, and Charles Luther managed to elude media attention for decades. His current whereabouts remain a mystery, shrouding him in anonymity as he would have turned 59 in 2022.


 Valentine Michael Manson: A Childhood Lost

Manson’s relationship with Mary Brunner gave rise to his third son, Valentine Michael Manson, affectionately known as “Pooh Bear.” However, Valentine faced separation from his biological father at just 18 months old when Brunner’s parents obtained full custody. Renamed Michael Brunner, he grew up in Wisconsin, shielded from the spotlight and the crimes of his infamous father.


 Michael Brunner’s Struggle with Identity

Despite efforts to shield Michael Brunner from his biological ties, the truth surfaced, leading to relentless bullying and threats during his school years. Adopted parents aimed to protect him, but the harsh reality persisted. In a 1993 interview, Brunner revealed his lack of interest in establishing a relationship with Manson, emphasizing his focus on moving beyond the shadows of his notorious lineage.


 A Father’s Letters Left Unread

Charles Manson wrote letters to Michael Brunner, seeking connection. However, Brunner, uninterested in forging ties, never read these letters. In 2019, he emerged from decades of media silence, offering insights into his life and challenging the public perception of Manson’s role in the notorious Tate-LaBianca murders.


 Michael Brunner’s Perspective: A Different Narrative

In his 2019 interview with Los Angeles Times, Michael Brunner delved into his research on Manson’s crimes, presenting an alternative perspective. Brunner believed that Manson’s involvement in the infamous murders might be linked to a botched drug deal and suggested the victims may have had ties to organized crime. He urged a reconsideration of Manson’s portrayal, challenging the narrative that Manson ordered the crimes.



The legacies of Charles Manson’s children are marked by tragedy, anonymity, and a quest for individual identity. While some faced the harsh realities of their father’s crimes, others sought refuge in obscurity. The stories of Jay White, Charles Luther Manson, and Michael Brunner reflect the enduring impact of a dark chapter in history, prompting us to question the complexities of family ties and the consequences of a notorious legacy.