Fixing Issues with Discord Relink to Xbox: Troubleshooting the “Not Working” Problem

Fixing Issues with Discord Relink to Xbox: Troubleshooting the "Not Working" Problem


Unlink from Xbox Settings: Head over to your Xbox settings and start the process of unlinking Discord. This breaks the connection between your Xbox and Discord accounts.

Unlink on Discord (on Another Device): Grab another device, like your phone, and open Discord. Unlink your Xbox account from Discord connections on that device too.

Link Again: Once unlinked from both Xbox and Discord, try linking them again. Some users found success with this method, as shared by a helpful Reddit user.

Having trouble? Don’t fret; Xbox is aware of the issue and actively working on a fix. Patience is key during this waiting game.


Additional Tips for a Smooth Discord-Xbox Connection:

Friend Separation: Discord friends stay in Discord voice channels, while Xbox friends chill in the Xbox party chat. No mixing – just how you like it.

Streaming Considerations: If you’re a Twitch streamer, remember that Discord voice channel audio won’t reach your stream. Keep this in mind for a seamless streaming experience.

Check Discord Availability: Ensure Discord is available in your country or region. It might not be everywhere, so double-check for accessibility.


Why Discord and Xbox?

Discord is a fantastic platform for gamers and others, offering voice calls, video calls, text messages, and file sharing. Xbox, on the other hand, provides game consoles, games, and cool services like Xbox Cloud Gaming and Xbox Game Pass.



Facing hurdles in relinking Discord to Xbox? It could be a glitch or a hiccup during the linking process. Stick to the provided steps, be patient, and the issue should resolve. Still unsure? Check out the FAQs below for extra help. And remember, if all else fails, wait for Xbox to work their magic!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long until Xbox fixes the issue?

A: The resolution time varies, as Xbox is actively working on it. Stay updated by checking Xbox’s official announcements and social media regularly.

Q: Can I use Discord features on Xbox without relinking?

A: Absolutely! Voice calls and text messages work fine on Xbox without relinking. For the full experience, though, relinking is recommended.

Q: Any other way to link Discord and Xbox?

A: Currently, the official method is linking accounts. Stick to the provided steps for the most effective relinking process.