How Dave Navarro Got His Ink Master Job

How Dave Navarro Got His Ink Master Job



When Dave Navarro, the famed musician, stepped into the judging spotlight on Ink Master, many raised their eyebrows. Known for his musical prowess rather than a tattoo parlor connection, questions lingered about his place in a show seeking the nation’s best tattoo artists. Yet, Navarro’s unique stance adds a layer of enjoyment, offering a different viewpoint compared to fellow judges Nuñez and Peck.


 Beyond the Strings: Navarro’s Diverse Journey

Recognized for his guitar skills with Jane’s Addiction and Red Hot Chili Peppers, Navarro rocked arenas globally. However, his journey took a turn due to a worsening drug addiction, leading to his departure from the Chili Peppers. In an Inked interview with Peck, Navarro revealed his desire to combat addiction and eliminate mental health stigmas, steering his purpose toward helping others in their recovery.


A Familiar Hosting Rhythm

Ink Master isn’t Navarro’s first hosting gig; he previously showcased his skills on the reality show Rockstar, hunting for the new lead singer of INXS and assembling the superband Supernova. With a seasoned hosting background, Navarro brings a professional touch to Ink Master, proving his role is no happenstance but a result of his expertise.


 Navarro’s Unique Judging Perspective

Seated among the judges, Navarro stands out by providing the client’s perspective. Addressing the constant query of why he’s on the show, Navarro emphasizes his role as the voice for the clients – those individuals destined to carry the artist’s work permanently. His criterion is simple: “Would I be stoked with that tattoo?” Navarro’s personal experience with tattooing, having been inked by legendary artists since the age of 17, adds depth to his unique viewpoint.


 The Encore: What’s Next for Ink Master

In a surprising twist, Ink Master faced cancellation last year. However, hope flickers as Paramount+ plans to resurrect the show, making past episodes available for streaming. The future of Navarro’s crucial role remains uncertain, but his impact on the show is undeniable, even without holding the tattoo needle himself.



Dave Navarro, the melody maestro, continues to strike the right chords in unexpected places, infusing Ink Master with his distinctive rhythm and contributing a fresh beat to the world of tattoo artistry. Whether he returns to the judging panel or not, Navarro’s influence remains a memorable part of the show’s legacy.