How to Fix / Solve: Soul Knight Prequel Internal Error

How to Fix / Solve: Soul Knight Prequel Internal Error



Are you facing the frustrating “Internal Error” message while playing Soul Knight Prequel? Don’t worry! Many players encounter this issue causing disruptions in their gaming sessions. Here, we present simple solutions to fix this error and get you back into the captivating world of Soul Knight Prequel.


Steps to Fix the “Internal Error”

To tackle the “Internal Error” in Soul Knight Prequel, try these steps:

  1. Restart and Update the Game: Exit the game completely and relaunch it. If the issue persists, log out and log back in. Ensure your game app is updated to the latest version as updates often fix technical glitches.

Challenges Faced by Soul Knight Prequel Players

Players have encountered various issues affecting gameplay. Here’s how to address specific problems:

  1. Patience and Network Switching: If logging in is challenging, wait for some time before retrying. Switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data might help resolve connectivity issues.
  2. Errors with Treasure Chests or Card Packs: If disconnected while opening these, exit the game entirely and re-enter. Avoid returning to the main menu, as it may lead to item loss.
  3. Gift Code Redemption: Retry code redemption later or log in during less busy server periods for better success.
  4. Delay in Receiving Purchased Items: Log out and log back in after 1-2 hours to address delays in item reception. Contact customer service if the issue persists.


Minimize Losses While Waiting for a Fix

During server lags or disconnections, follow these tips to minimize potential losses:

  1. Temporary Item Loss: If disconnected while picking up loot, wait for the network to reconnect. Avoid returning to the main menu if there’s a disconnection while opening treasure chests.
  2. Delay in Redeeming Gift Codes: After a failed attempt, items may arrive upon re-logging into the game.
  3. Delay in Order Delivery: Wait for a while or log in the next day. Contact customer service if the issue persists.



Dealing with the “Internal Error” in Soul Knight Prequel can be frustrating, but following these steps can help you resolve the issue and enjoy uninterrupted gameplay. Stay patient and explore different troubleshooting methods. Keep your game updated to benefit from bug fixes and improvements.


FAQs on Soul Knight Prequel Errors

Q: How long should I wait before logging in again after encountering the “Internal Error”?
A: Wait for a while before retrying to allow server stabilization.

Q: What to do if there’s a delay in receiving purchased items?
A: Try logging out and back in after 1-2 hours. Contact customer service if the problem persists.

Q: How can I reduce losses while waiting for the error to be fixed?
A: Be patient during disconnections and avoid returning to the main menu. Instead, restart the game to access items.

Fixing the “Internal Error” is crucial to continue enjoying Soul Knight Prequel. Follow these steps and stay updated for a smoother gaming experience!