Jaishankar Calls For Peaceful Resolution Of West Asian Crisis

Jaishankar Calls For Peaceful Resolution Of West Asian Crisis

In a recent gathering of BRICS nations, India’s External Affairs Minister, S. Jaishankar, emphasized the importance of finding a peaceful solution to the ongoing conflict in West Asia. Here’s a breakdown of what was discussed:


Lives Lost and Jaishankar’s Stand

More than 11,000 lives have been lost in the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Jaishankar, speaking at a significant joint meeting of BRICS countries, condemned the October 7 attacks by Hamas on Israel. However, he stressed the necessity of ensuring compassionate relief reaches the people of Gaza.


Humanitarian Concerns in the Israel-Hamas Conflict

The Israel-Hamas conflict has taken a toll on civilians, including non-military personnel, the elderly, women, and children. Jaishankar acknowledged the international community’s efforts for de-escalation. He urgently called for providing compassionate support to Gaza’s population and emphasized the release of all hostages.


Universal Commitment to International Compassionate Law

Addressing BRICS leaders, including Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and China’s President Xi Jinping, Jaishankar highlighted a universal commitment to uphold international compassionate law. He took a strong stance against terrorism and reiterated India’s plea for restraint and a peaceful dialogue to resolve the crisis.


India’s Firm Stance for Peace

Jaishankar’s address underscored India’s unwavering commitment to combat terrorism and the importance of nations exercising restraint. The minister reiterated India’s call for a peaceful resolution through dialogue and prudence. This reaffirms India’s stand on finding diplomatic solutions to global conflicts.



In a world grappling with conflicts, Jaishankar’s call for peace resonates as a beacon of hope. The BRICS nations, uniting against the backdrop of the West Asian crisis, emphasize the need for collective efforts to address humanitarian concerns and find a peaceful resolution. As events unfold, we’ll keep you updated on any developments. Stay connected for more updates on this critical global issue.