Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 244 Spoilers: Yuji Vs Sukuna As Higuruma’s Domain Takes Center Stage

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 244 Spoilers: Yuji Vs Sukuna As Higuruma's Domain Takes Center Stage


Before this chapter, there was a show with Takaba and Kenjaku, but things turned sad when Takaba realized it was ending. Yuta took the chance to defeat Kenjaku.


What’s Happening Now?

In the latest chapter, it’s all about the intense fight between Yuji and Sukuna. People have been waiting for this showdown, and it’s getting really exciting. The full chapter will officially come out on Monday, December 4, 2023.


New Battle Plans

There’s a flashback that shows how Kusakabe planned things out. Yuta and Takaba were set to fight Kenjaku, but there were concerns about what might happen if Gojo and Kashimo couldn’t stop Sukuna. Yuji learned some important things about Blood Manipulation, thanks to Kamo.


Higuruma’s Strategy

Higuruma had a plan to use Judgeman’s power against Sukuna. But there was a problem figuring out the exact crime Sukuna should be charged with. He’s done a lot of bad things, like hurting Yuji and trying to kill many others. But legally, it’s tricky.


Sukuna’s Fate Hangs

Judgeman can only try Sukuna for one crime at a time, even the ones from a long time ago. The battle goes on, with Yuji and Higuruma teaming up against Sukuna. There’s a lot at stake for Sukuna’s fate.


What’s Next?

The next chapter won’t be out next week due to a break, but Chapter 245 is set for release in the following issue.


The Excitement Continues

Chapter 244 brings a huge fight between Yuji, Higuruma, and Sukuna. Fans are eager to see how things will turn out and what it means for Sukuna. Stay tuned for more updates!



Q: Could Sukuna face execution?
A: It’s uncertain. It depends on what crimes he’s tried for and what Judgeman decides.

Q: What crimes did Sukuna do?
A: He’s done a lot, like hurting Yuji, trying to kill Gojo and Megumi, and more.

Q: When is Chapter 245 out?
A: It’s set to come out in Weekly Shonen Jump issue 3.