Manipur Gunfight Today: 2 Killed, Emergency Shutdown In Kangpokpi

Manipur Gunfight Today: 2 Killed, Emergency Shutdown In Kangpokpi


In a distressing turn of events, two lives were lost in a recent gunfight between rival groups in Manipur’s Kangpokpi district. This incident, unfolding between Haraothel and Kobsha villages, has gripped the attention of the locals, sparking discussions and concerns across social media platforms.


 Emergency Shutdown Declared Amidst Rising Tensions

Following the violent clash, the Kangpokpi-based Committee on Tribal Unit (COTU) swiftly declared an emergency shutdown in the district. The clash was labeled an ‘unprovoked attack’ on the Kuki-Zo community, prompting the COTU to demand the establishment of a distinct managerial body for Manipur’s tribal communities.


My Unique Lines: A Call for Justice

Expressing their distress, tribal representatives have urged the central authorities to take proactive measures in identifying and apprehending those responsible for the brutal attack. They emphasize the need to prevent further incidents of violence in the Kuki-Zo-dominated areas, urging authorities to exercise caution in handling the situation.


CoTU Speaks Out Against Militant Aggression

Thangtinlen Haokip, the CoTU’s Information and Publicity Secretary, conveyed to the media that Monday’s attack on tribal people by militants is a stark example of recurring aggression in the Kuki-Zo-dominated region. The CoTU’s stance was shared through the IANS agency.


 Ongoing Police Investigation and Ethnic Clashes

The incident’s location is currently under investigation, with the police mobilizing their resources to bring those responsible to justice. Ethnic clashes have been escalating since May 3rd when the Kuki community organized a ‘Solidarity March’ to protest the inclusion of a significant portion of the Mietei community in the ST category.


My Unique Lines: Upholding the Commitment to Updates

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