Monopoly GO: All Heartfelt Holidays Rewards & Milestones

Monopoly GO: All Heartfelt Holidays Rewards & Milestones


The ongoing Monopoly GO Heartfelt Holidays event is your ticket to festive excitement and exclusive rewards! Until December 4th at 9 am Central Time, players can embark on a gaming journey filled with joy and surprises.


Unlocking Milestones: Your Path to Prizes

  • Milestone 1: Grabbing Cash
    • Requirement: 5 tokens
    • Reward: Earn a cash prize and set the tone for your holiday adventure.
  • Milestone 2: Rolling in Style
    • Requirement: 5 tokens
    • Reward: Secure 20 additional dice to enhance your gameplay.
  • Milestone 3: Sticker Pack Surprise
    • Requirement: 10 tokens
    • Reward: Snag a one-star Sticker pack as a delightful bonus.
  • Milestone 4: Dice Galore
    • Requirement: 50 tokens
    • Reward: Roll with joy as you claim a whopping 125 extra dice.


Festive Surprises Keep Coming

  • Milestone 7: Rent Frenzy Extravaganza
    • Requirement: 15 tokens
    • Reward: Enjoy a 10-minute Rent Frenzy event, adding a twist to your game.
  • Milestone 12: Double Dose of Cash
    • Requirement: 25 tokens
    • Reward: Rejoice with another cash reward, doubling the festive fun.
  • Milestone 18: High Roller’s Delight
    • Requirement: 50 tokens
    • Reward: Dive into a 10-minute High Roller event, elevating your gaming experience.


Epic Rewards Await: Aim for the Stars

  • Milestone 21: Sticker Pack Bonanza
    • Requirement: 700 tokens
    • Reward: Unleash the magic with a four-star Sticker pack, coupled with 1,200 extra dice.
  • Milestone 29: Sticker Extravaganza
    • Requirement: 250 tokens
    • Reward: Secure a three-star Sticker pack as a testament to your gaming prowess.
  • Milestone 34: Ultimate Dice and Stickers
    • Requirement: 1,800 tokens
    • Reward: Reach the pinnacle with 2,400 additional dice and a five-star Sticker pack.


Cap Off the Celebration: FAQs

  • What is the Heartfelt Holidays event?
    • A: An ongoing Monopoly GO event offering special rewards as you conquer various milestones.
  • When does the event end?
    • A: The Heartfelt Holidays event runs until December 4th at 9 am Central Time.
  • What rewards can I expect?
    • A: Enjoy cash prizes, extra dice, Sticker packs, and special events like Rent Frenzy and High Roller.


Join the Celebration: Embrace the Fun!

Don’t miss out on the holiday cheer – participate, unlock milestones, and revel in the joy of Monopoly GO’s Heartfelt Holidays event. Elevate your gaming experience with every roll of the dice!


Conclusion: Roll, Play, and Win!

As you venture through the Heartfelt Holidays event, the excitement unfolds, and the rewards keep pouring in. Make your mark on the Monopoly GO board, celebrate the season, and claim your well-deserved prizes. Happy gaming, and may the dice be ever in your favor!