Monopoly Go Corn Maze Tournament: All Rewards List

Monopoly Go Corn Maze Tournament: All Rewards List


Join in the Monopoly Go Corn Maze Event for an exciting adventure filled with rewards! To claim these amazing prizes, complete 25 milestones by collecting points throughout the game. Let’s explore each milestone and the fantastic rewards waiting for you:


Milestone 1:

Collect 50 points to receive 40 dice rolls.


Milestone 2:

Reach 45 points and get a Green Sticker Pack.


Milestone 3:

Gather 85 points for 70 dice rolls.


Milestone 4:

Achieve 130 points and claim a 5-minute High Roller power-up.


Milestone 5:

Score 110 points and earn a 2-star Yellow Sticker Pack.


Milestone 6:

Reach 170 points and enjoy some cash rewards.
As you progress through the milestones, the points required increase, and so do the rewards. You’ll collect cash, sticker packs of various stars, dice rolls, and special power-ups like Rent Frenzy and Mega Heist. Reaching the 25th milestone grants an incredible 1,200 dice rolls!


Monopoly Go Gameplay

In Monopoly Go, your goal is to roll dice and move your tokens across different property tiles. Collect money, upgrade properties by building houses, hotels, and unique landmarks specific to each board. Investing in properties is crucial to advance in the game.
Throughout your journey, you’ll encounter mini-games adding excitement. For instance, the “Shut Down” mini-game lets you target opponents’ landmarks, while the “Bank Heist” drains their accounts. The game offers diverse experiences, including collecting rent, drawing chance cards, engaging in tournaments, and facing the uncertainty of landing in jail. Rolling the dice guides your journey, making it a fun experience, especially when shared with friends.