Monopoly GO Walkthrough Guide: Cheats and Tips, Gameplay, Trailer & More

Monopoly GO Walkthrough Guide: Cheats and Tips, Gameplay, Trailer & More


Monopoly GO! is the exciting new online board game crafted by Scopely, available for mobile devices. Released globally on April 11, 2023, this rendition of the timeless Monopoly classic invites players to gather wealth through smart property deals, rentals, and clever trading using digital currency. The ultimate goal? To own all properties and send rivals into bankruptcy.


Build Smart:

Constructing buildings not only helps you level up but also earns extra cash and dice throws. As you progress, investing strategically in buildings becomes crucial for maximizing your advantages.


Heading for Success:

Collect complete sets of properties during special events to earn bonus rewards. Keep an eye out for these chances to boost your gameplay.


Buddy Up:

Adding friends to the game not only makes it more fun but also comes with bonuses linked to their activity. Use these bonuses to advance faster.


Sticker Collection Quest:

Gather stickers and complete collections for extra dice throws and valuable rewards. It might take time, but the rewards are worth the effort.


Token Hunt:

Unlock new tokens by completing sets to earn more dice rolls and in-game cash. Keep completing sets for maximum benefits.


Event Strategy:

Participate in events and tournaments for free extra dice throws. Timing your dice use during these events can give you the upper hand.


Multiplier Magic:

Strategically use the multiplier feature to speed up progress and gain bigger rewards. Adjust it based on your position on the board for the best results.


Probability Tactics:

Understanding the probabilities of each dice roll can be a game-changer. Use this knowledge to calculate your chances and adapt your strategy accordingly.


High Roller Moves:

Keep an eye on the High Roller option that can take your multiplier up to 200x. Use it wisely when the odds are in your favor for significant gains.


Monopoly GO! Gameplay:

Players roll the dice and move their game pieces accordingly. Landing on properties earns money, while tax spots lead to money loss. Special dice offer extra turns and various opportunities to earn money and collect items. Certain spots on the board provide extra cash or turns. Events trigger mini-games, adding more excitement to the gameplay.


Monopoly GO! Overview:

Game Name: Monopoly GO!
Developer: Scopely
Release Date: April 11, 2023
In-Game Events: Competitions, missions, and gifts offering stickers
Winning Objective: Own all properties and bankrupt opponents


Winning Strategies:

Employ advanced tactics to enhance your gameplay and boost your chances of winning. Dive into the thrill of this modern adaptation of the classic board game and skillfully outplay your opponents on your path to victory.



Q: Are there cheat codes in Monopoly GO!?
A: No, there aren’t traditional cheat codes, but strategic gameplay can improve your chances.

Q: Can I play Monopoly GO! with friends?
A: Yes, adding friends to the game offers bonuses tied to their activity.

Q: What rewards come from completing sticker collections?
A: Completing collections grants extra dice throws and valuable rewards.