MW3 Zombies Shepherd Mission Guide: How to complete Shepherd mission in Modern Warfare 3?

MW3 Zombies Shepherd Mission Guide: How to complete Shepherd mission in Modern Warfare 3?


Before starting the Shepherd mission, ensure you’ve finished all Act Two missions. Head to Urzikstan and spot the designated exile location on your map. Collect important perks and upgrade your weapons to at least a level 2 Pack-a-Punch rarity or higher. These preparations will give you an edge when facing upcoming challenges.


Outmaneuvering Snipers

Upon arriving at Levin Resorts, move swiftly from the drop helicopter to avoid detection by enemy SAM sites. Eliminate mercenaries on the beach and strategically flank the snipers on the resort’s rooftop. Focus on taking out SAM missiles to secure a safe passage while dealing with defending forces.


Escorting the Neutralizer

Approach the Neutralizer’s rear and start the escort mission. Riding atop the Neutralizer offers a strategic advantage for eliminating enemies. Focus on Tier II Zombies and Specials/Elites during the escort. Stay atop the Neutralizer for safety and secure the drop site by parachuting from the roof to eliminate remaining enemies.


Surviving and Activating the Neutralizer

Expect numerous threats while escorting the Neutralizer through the mercenary camp. Eliminate adversaries and concentrate on the objective. At the Test Site, initiate the charging process and defend the Neutralizer against zombie waves for about 90 seconds. Be prepared to face a Mega Abomination—either confront it directly using high-damage weapons or use environmental cover to evade its attacks.


Completing the Mission and Rewards

Successfully activating the Neutralizer triggers a crucial story cutscene, marking the victory of the Shepherd mission. Congratulations on progressing through the thrilling narrative of Modern Warfare Zombies! Enjoy the rewards of your efforts and prepare for the next chapter.


Tips for Success

Mastering the Shepherd mission requires foresight, quick reflexes, and teamwork. Follow these steps: acquire perks, flank snipers, escort the Neutralizer, endure zombie attacks, power up the Neutralizer, and witness the narrative unfold.



Q: How do I start the Shepherd mission in Modern Warfare Zombies?
A: To begin the Shepherd mission, complete all Act Two missions and head to Urzikstan to locate the marked exile location on your map.

Q: What are the crucial steps to complete the Shepherd mission?
A: Essential steps include gathering perks, outmaneuvering snipers at Levin Resorts, and escorting the Neutralizer while eliminating enemies.

Q: How can I survive and activate the Neutralizer in the Shepherd mission?
A: Defend the Neutralizer against zombie waves for about 90 seconds, utilizing weapons and strategies. Prepare for the Mega Abomination’s appearance by employing effective tactics and weapons.



The Shepherd mission in Modern Warfare 3 is a challenging adventure. By following these steps and strategies, you’ll be better equipped to navigate through the challenges and emerge victorious. Good luck on your mission, soldier!