My Hero Academia Chapter 408 Spoilers: Afo Explains Bakugo And The Second Ofa User’s Link While Revealing His Best Move

My Hero Academia Chapter 408 Spoilers: Afo Explains Bakugo And The Second Ofa User's Link While Revealing His Best Move


The new chapter of My Hero Academia dives deep into the backstory of the villain All For One (AFO). It unravels the dark origins of AFO, revealing how he believed that everything belonged to him from the very beginning. Shockingly, he even drained nutrients from his own mother, causing harm to his twin brother Yoichi. Despite this, AFO kept Yoichi under his control until Yoichi managed to escape, leading to a tragic outcome.


Tragic Events Unfold

In the upcoming chapter titled “Eyes Full of Determination!!,” the heartbreaking events between AFO and Yoichi unfold. AFO mercilessly ends Yoichi’s life, leaving behind only a solitary hand. This tragic incident occurs two months after Yoichi fled with Kudou and the third user known as “Bruce.”

AFO had named Yoichi after the words “give” and “first,” symbolizing how he saw his brother as the first possession. When Kudou witnesses AFO’s ruthless act, tears stream down his face. Surprisingly, AFO shows no emotion despite taking the life of his own brother.


Mysterious Revelations

As the story progresses, AFO contemplates the absence of Yoichi’s quirk in his remaining hand. It leads him to speculate that Yoichi might have transferred his quirk to another person. Meanwhile, Kudou’s body undergoes scrutiny, revealing a startling discovery—Kudou now possesses two distinct quirk factors.

The chapter also sheds light on the differing perspectives of AFO and Kudou regarding Yoichi. While one sees Yoichi in despair, feeling powerless against AFO, the other sees a glimmer of hope within him.


AFO’s Last Stand

AFO’s formidable ability to give and take quirks could have been a powerful force if he had cared for others. This realization prompts both AFO and Kudou to believe that Yoichi’s essence might still persist.

The spoilers then leap ahead, depicting AFO’s actions over the years, including the demise of Kudou and Bruce, the formation of a cult, and encounters with significant figures. However, AFO fails to steal OFA from several individuals, ultimately being defeated by All Might.


Bakugo’s Connection and Determination

AFO ponders the possibility of Katsuki Bakugo being related to Kudou. Yet, considering AFO’s history of eliminating Kudou’s kin, this link seems unlikely. However, Bakugo’s unwavering determination to defeat AFO raises suspicions due to his resemblance to Kudou.

Understanding the urgency to confront Tomura Shigaraki, AFO decides to unleash all his quirks at once—a risky move that might regress him to infancy, constituting his final gamble. Despite this, Bakugo remains confident in thwarting AFO’s attack.


What Lies Ahead?

My Hero Academia fans are in for an intense showdown as AFO gears up for his most powerful attack yet. While Bakugo stands firm, he hasn’t faced an assault of this magnitude before. Fans eagerly await the next chapter to see Bakugo’s strategy against All For One’s ultimate move.



Are Bakugo and Kudou family members?
According to the spoilers, there’s no direct family connection between Bakugo and Kudou despite AFO’s speculation.

What is the ultimate technique of All For One (AFO)?
AFO plans to use all his quirks at once, potentially turning himself into a baby.

Can Bakugo effectively defend against All For One’s (AFO) attack?
Bakugo is confident that AFO’s attack will fail, but readers must wait to see how it unfolds in the upcoming chapters.


This chapter promises intense revelations about AFO’s past and sets the stage for an epic showdown between AFO and Bakugo. Fans eagerly anticipate the release to witness the climax of this thrilling arc.