Rooms and Exits Chapter 2 Level 17 Walkthrough: Game Info, Gameplay and More

Rooms and Exits Chapter 2 Level 17 Walkthrough: Game Info, Gameplay and More


First, tap gently on the table between the sofas to find a coin hidden there. Collecting coins is important for moving forward in the game.


Remember Chair Colors

Check the chair in the room. It has colors: Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, and Orange. Remember these colors; they will help you solve puzzles later.


Unlock the Vent

Tap on the vent located on the left side. Use the chair colors you remembered (Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, and Orange) to unlock it. Inside, you’ll find a key and another coin you need.


Hunt for More Coins

Search the surroundings for more coins. There’s one hidden under a stone in the garden, another near the grass cutter machine, and a sneaky one under the table in the shed. Finding these coins is vital for the challenges ahead.


Solve the Coin Mini-Game

Tap on the sofa cushion to reveal a box. Put all five coins inside to start a mini-game. The code “343” will unlock the box, giving you a bolt opener that’s useful in the game.


Discover the Crowbar

Use the bolt opener to open the shed wall and find a crowbar inside. This crowbar is important for overcoming obstacles.


Get Another Key

Use the crowbar on the plant pot near the sofa to find a cache of nails. Collect them to get another key necessary for progress.


Solve the Weight Machine Puzzle

Arrange the cushions near the weight machine in a specific order: Dark Yellow, White, Brown, and Yellow. This will reveal the code “7435” essential for your journey.


Find the Wooden Box

Look between the garden and the bushes to discover a wooden box.


Open the Box and Escape

Use the code “7435” to unlock the wooden box and find another key inside. This key is crucial for your escape from Room 1Use it wisely to unlock your exit.


Gameplay Overview

Rooms and Exits is all about solving puzzles in each room. Explore, find hidden objects, and solve clues to move to the next level. Remember the bag icon for your collected items and use action buttons for different interactions.



Q: How many coins do I need in Chapter 2 Level 17?
A: Collect all five coins.

Q: What’s the code to unlock the mini-game box?
A: Use “343” to unlock the box.

Q: What’s the solution to the weight machine puzzle?
A: Arrange cushions in this order: Dark Yellow, White, Brown, and Yellow.