Super Mario RPG: How to get the Lucky Hammer in Super Mario RPG?

Super Mario RPG: How to get the Lucky Hammer in Super Mario RPG?


When you use the Lucky Hammer in battles, it’s like adding a dash of unpredictability to Mario’s moves. It can deal extra damage, hit foes multiple times, or trigger other helpful effects. This makes fights more fun and strategic for the characters.


Getting the Lucky Hammer:

Gathering the Seven Stars: To unlock the Lucky Hammer, you’ve got to collect more than half of the seven stars in the game. Keep playing through the story until you reach this crucial point, and the Lucky Hammer will become available.

Visiting Seaside Town: Head to Seaside Town on the lower-left side of the game map near the water. When you arrive, things won’t be quite right—the town will be in trouble, and the shops won’t have their usual stuff.

Tackling Sea and Sunken Ship Areas: To fix things in Seaside Town, you’ll need to explore the Sea and Sunken Ship areas. Overcome the challenges there. To restore peace, you’ll have to beat Johnny in the Sunken Ship.

Returning to Seaside Town: Once you’ve sorted things out in the Sea and Sunken Ship areas, go back to Seaside Town. You’ll notice big changes, signaling a new phase. Get ready for another tough fight, this time against Speardovich.

Defeating Speardovich: Prepare for a hard battle against Speardovich and win to bring back peace. It’s a tough one, so if needed, level up your characters by battling monsters in the Sunken Ship area. Aim for level 14 before facing Speardovich.

Buying the Lucky Hammer: After winning against Speardovich and restoring peace, go to the local shop. The shopkeeper will give you the chance to buy the awesome Lucky Hammer.

It’s crucial to equip your party members with items that heal multiple members during battles. These items will be super helpful, especially in tough fights like the one against Speardovich.



Q: Can every character in Super Mario RPG use the Lucky Hammer?

A: Absolutely! Any character in the game can use this special hammer.

Q: Are there other weapons in the game like the Lucky Hammer?

A: Nope, the Lucky Hammer is one of a kind in Super Mario RPG, with its luck-based powers.

Q: Can the Lucky Hammer break or get lost in battles?

A: Nope, it’s a permanent item. You won’t lose or break it during battles. Once you’ve got it, it’s yours to keep.



The Lucky Hammer isn’t just any hammer—it’s a game-changer in Super Mario RPG. Follow these steps, gear up your team, and get ready to conquer battles with a stroke of luck!