These Were John Lennon’s Final Words Before Being Shot To Death

These Were John Lennon's Final Words Before Being Shot To Death



In the final interview hours before his untimely death, John Lennon, making a musical comeback after a five-year hiatus, shared profound thoughts with DJ Dave Sholin at a New York City radio station. Lennon’s words, hauntingly stating, “We’re either going to live or we’re going to die. I consider that my work won’t be finished until I’m dead and buried – and I hope that’s a long time,” would unknowingly become his last public expression (via Far Out Magazine).


 Decades of Reflection: Fans Ponder Last Words

For decades, fans delved into Lennon’s last interview, interpreting his words and contemplating what might have been. As the final spoken words known to the public, these statements took on added significance after Mark David Chapman’s fatal assault outside Lennon’s Dakota residence.


 Unveiling Witnesses: A Cab Driver’s Surreal Experience

In the 2023 Apple TV+ documentary “John Lennon: Murder Without a Trial,” a witness, Richard Peterson, a cab driver present during the tragic event, speaks on record about the surreal moment. As Chapman pulled out a gun, Peterson, looking through his cab’s front window, initially thought it was a movie scene. However, the absence of lights and cameras made him realize the harsh reality: “This ain’t no movie” (via The Independent).


 Nina’s Encounter: A Chilling Aftermath

Another witness, Nina, recounted approaching Chapman after the shooting, only to be coldly dismissed. Her chilling encounter with the assailant adds to the somber narrative surrounding Lennon’s final moments, shedding light on the chaotic aftermath of the tragic incident.


Jay Hastings: The Dakota’s Front Desk Clerk

Jay Hastings, the front desk clerk on duty at the Dakota during the fateful evening, witnessed Lennon’s desperate attempt to seek help. As Lennon staggered into the lobby, Hastings vividly recalls the icon’s words, “I’m shot.” The heartbreaking scene unfolded as Yoko Ono urgently called for an ambulance, marking the beginning of the tragic end to John Lennon’s life.


 The Devastating Conclusion: Lennon Pronounced Dead

Despite efforts to save him, Lennon succumbed to his injuries, pronounced dead at the hospital. The witness accounts, especially from the Dakota’s front desk clerk, offer a poignant glimpse into the chaotic and heart-wrenching final moments of a music legend.



In remembrance of John Lennon, his words and the witnesses’ recollections stand as a powerful testament to the fragility of life and the unexpected turns it can take. The echoes of that tragic night continue to reverberate through history, forever shaping the legacy of a musical icon.