Urilla Sutherland: The Truth About Wyatt Earp’s First Wife

Urilla Sutherland: The Truth About Wyatt Earp's First Wife



In the tales of the American West, Wyatt Earp’s name echoes with legends, portraying a mix of heroism, heartbreak, and complex decisions. Recent research reveals a flawed and human side to Wyatt, challenging the traditional narratives. His life, entangled with family, love, and loss, offers a glimpse into the untold stories of the Wild West.


Wyatt’s Brush with the Brothel Business:

While Wyatt Earp is often remembered as a gunfighter and lawman, lesser-known aspects of his life involve the business of brothels. Wyatt and his brothers, including Morgan, had ties to brothels, facing legal troubles related to their connections with prostitution. The American Frontier, with its skewed gender ratio, saw unconventional relationships, sometimes leading to unexpected marriages or life choices.


The Enigma of Wyatt’s Marital Ties:

Wyatt’s romantic associations include Urilla Sutherland, Cecilia Ann “Mattie” Blaylock, and Josephine Marcus. Mattie, often referred to as the “second Mrs. Wyatt Earp,” had a past tied to prostitution. Wyatt and Mattie’s relationship faced challenges, leading to Mattie’s tragic end. Josephine Marcus, Wyatt’s enduring companion for 47 years, remained a central figure in his life until his death.


The First Mrs. Earp – Urilla Sutherland:

Wyatt Earp’s first recorded marriage was to Urilla Sutherland when he was around 22 years old. Little is known about their courtship, but records show a brief nine-month marriage that ended with Urilla’s death, possibly due to typhus or childbirth complications. The details surrounding her passing remain shrouded in mystery, with only a quiet burial in Milford, Missouri, a few miles from Lamarr.


Life After Urilla’s Tragic Departure:

Following Urilla’s death, Wyatt Earp sold their home and continued working as a constable. Accusations of mismanagement of funds and various crimes followed, raising questions about Wyatt’s state of mind. The search for love led Wyatt to Josephine Marcus, sparking a long-lasting companionship. The complexities of Wyatt’s emotions post-Urilla and his subsequent relationships reveal a multifaceted personality.


Unearthing Wyatt’s Grief and Love Stories:

Did grief drive Wyatt to questionable actions, or did he find solace in Josephine Marcus? The truth remains elusive, mirroring the intricate nature of Wyatt Earp himself. His journey through sorrow, love, and law enforcement underscores the intricacies of a man often portrayed as a simple hero.


The Legacy of Wyatt Earp’s Loves:

Despite the mysteries surrounding Wyatt Earp’s personal life, his legacy endures. The tales of Urilla Sutherland, Mattie Blaylock, and Josephine Marcus contribute to the rich tapestry of the American West. Wyatt’s story transcends mere heroism, revealing a man shaped by love, loss, and the complexities of an era gone by.



As history continues to unfold, Wyatt Earp’s life emerges as a nuanced narrative, challenging the myths of the American West. The enigma of Urilla Sutherland, Wyatt’s first wife, adds layers to his story, prompting a closer look at the man behind the legend. In the vast landscapes of the Wild West, where tales of love and loss intertwine, Wyatt Earp’s journey remains an enduring saga.