Who Won at the 2023 Grio Awards and Where to Watch?

Who Won at the 2023 Grio Awards and Where to Watch?


In the spotlight recently was the Grio Awards 2023, an annual event honoring trailblazers and icons from various fields within the African American community. Hosted by TheGrio, a prominent American news platform, this celebration recognizes exceptional achievements in film, music, comedy, television, sports, and more.


Diverse Domains Recognized

Since its start in 2010, the Grio Awards has evolved significantly, expanding its reach to acknowledge accomplishments on a national scale. With categories like Business, Health, Education, and beyond, the awards cover ten unique areas. Each category carefully selects ten individuals who have made significant contributions, making the Grio Awards a platform that mirrors the broad influence of its recipients.


The Grio Awards 2023 Winners

The 2023 edition featured outstanding individuals who have left an indelible mark on their respective fields:

Film Icon Award – Denzel Washington
Icon Award – Eddie Murphy
Inspirational Icon Award – Dwayne Johnson
Journalism Icon Award – Tamron Hall
Environmental Champion Icon Award – Don Cheadle
Television Icon Award – Steve Harvey
Comedy Icon Award – Kevin Hart
Music Icon Award – Mariah Carey
Trailblazer Icon Award – Misty Copeland
Science Icon Award – Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett
Justice Icon Award – Reverend Al Sharpton


Memorable Moments at the Awards

The Grio Awards 2023 unfolded with memorable moments, paying tribute to these exceptional individuals. Mariah Carey, receiving the Music Icon Award, was among the standouts. The event, hosted by Sheryl Underwood and Roy Wood Jr., showcased luminaries like Denzel Washington, Eddie Murphy, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, creating an atmosphere that celebrated diverse talents.


Byron Allen’s Vision

At the helm of Allen Media Group, Byron Allen played a pivotal role in steering the Grio Awards. Rooted in his appreciation for influential African American icons, Allen emphasized the importance of recognizing those who have made substantial contributions to their communities.


Where to Watch?

For those eager to witness the celebration, the Grio Awards 2023 was available for live streaming on Paramount+. This two-hour show provided a front-row seat to the festivities, allowing audiences to join in the celebration and witness the recognition of remarkable achievements.


Celebrating African American Excellence

In summary, the Grio Awards 2023 served as a compelling testament to African American excellence across various domains. Through the acknowledgment of these icons, the awards continue to shine a spotlight on the extraordinary talents and accomplishments within the Black community, making it a meaningful celebration of unparalleled excellence.


FAQs: Your Guide to the Grio Awards

Q: Why were the Grio Awards established?

A: The Grio Awards aim to celebrate African American excellence by acknowledging outstanding accomplishments across diverse domains.

Q: How does the selection process for Grio Awards winners work?

A: Grio Awards winners are chosen by the editorial team at theGrio.com, along with contributors and experts, evaluating their significant contributions and influence on the broader American context.

Q: Where can I view the Grio Awards ceremony?

A: Catch the Grio Awards via streaming on Paramount+. Don’t miss the chance to witness the celebration of excellence!