Is Becky Mantin Pregnant Again? | Is ITVs weather girl Becky Mantin Pregnant?

Becky Mantin is a well-known English TV presenter and weather forecaster who has gained a strong following through her appearances on ITV Weather. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of this popular media figure.

Becky Mantin Career

Becky began her media career by appearing in the Eastern Daily Press and working as a radio host for Broadland 102, a commercial radio station. Unbeknownst to her, these modest origins would set the stage for an extraordinary professional journey.

Becky’s life took a significant turn when she joined ITV Anglia. After that, she moved on to become a fashion presenter on the lunchtime magazine show “Home Malone.” Nevertheless, her path led her to great success in the field of meteorology, where she received training and eventually became the main weather presenter for ITV News Anglia.

Becky Mantin’s expertise extended beyond weather updates. She showcased her adaptability by hosting and covering a range of regional programs, such as the consumer show “Late Night Checkout” and the heartwarming animal rescue series “Animal Tales.”

Over time, Becky’s reach grew to include national channels such as ITV Weather, Channel 5, and Sky, where she became a well-respected reporter. In 2005, she left ITV News Anglia and started working full-time at ITV Weather.

During ITV’s 50th anniversary in 2005, Becky had the opportunity to co-present a special show with Denise van Outen and Richard Bacon. This was a significant milestone in her career, establishing her as a well-known ITV personality.

Becky Mantin and Jack Heald got married on December 12, 2009. Jack is not only an expert rugby trainer but also has a background as a yachtsman. Although Jack maintained a low profile in the media, he gained recognition as the spouse of the renowned Becky Mantin.

The Proud Mother of Four

Becky Mantin’s experience as a mother has been truly remarkable. She has effortlessly balanced her family life with her successful career, raising four children with Jack Heald. The names and ages of her children reveal a heartfelt story of her journey as a mother:

Rory (Born 2010):

The eldest, a 12-year-old young man.

Thomas (Born 2012):

The second son, now 10 years old.

Elizabeth (Born 2015):

A beautiful daughter, aged 7.

Charlotte (Born 2019):

The youngest, a charming 3-year-old.

The Mystery of a Fifth Pregnancy

Many fans are curious about whether Becky Mantin is pregnant again, due to her candidness in the media. Currently, there is no official announcement regarding a fifth pregnancy. Becky has been open about sharing personal information in the past, so it’s probable that she would share any important news with her audience.

Juggling the demands of parenting four children alongside a busy media schedule is certainly no easy task. If Becky were to become pregnant for the fifth time, it would further complicate her already busy life of juggling personal and professional responsibilities.

Is Becky Mantin Pregnant Again? – FAQs

Who is Becky Mantin?

Becky Mantin is a well-known English TV presenter and weather forecaster for ITV Weather.


Is Becky Mantin married?

Yes, Becky Mantin married Jack Heald in 2009.


Does Becky Mantin have children?

Indeed, Becky Mantin is the proud mother of four children with Jack Heald: Rory, Thomas, Elizabeth, and Charlotte.


So here’s a look into the fascinating life and successful career of Becky Mantin, the popular ITV Weather presenter, and the delightful experience of being a mother that brings an added sense of warmth to her public image. Only time will reveal what lies ahead in Becky Mantin’s extraordinary journey when it comes to the possibility of a fifth pregnancy. Keep watching!