Angel Anne Canino’s Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Angel Anne Canino's Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



Angel Anne Canino, better known by her nickname “Gel,” is a famous volleyball player from Bacolod, Philippines. She was born on June 25, 2003, and because of her amazing skills and unwavering dedication to the sport, she has become a well-known figure in it. Canino’s ability and commitment are shown by the fact that she went from being unknown to becoming famous across the country and the world.


Angel Anne Canino’s Background

An angel named Angel Anne Canino was born into a family that loves volleyball very much. The fact that both of her parents played volleyball gave her a love for the sport that has grown over the years. Coach Canino, her father, helped her grow in many important ways. One of these was by teaching her a deep understanding of the game and inspiring her to be the best. Throughout Canino’s childhood, her family always supported her and went to all of her games. Her mother, whose name and job are kept secret, was there for her all through her childhood.


Angel Anne Canino’s Family and Childhood

There isn’t much information that can be used to prove that Canino has brothers, but most people agree that she is their only child. Canino’s family helped her along the way as she worked to become a famous volleyball player. It was natural for Canino to grow up in a place where volleyball was a big deal. In addition to their constant support, their attendance at her matches was a big part of how she was able to overcome problems and keep going when things got tough.


Angel Anne Canino’s Education and Career

Canino started his secondary schooling at Bacolod Tay Tung High School and then moved on to De La Salle Santiago Zobel School to finish. During her time at the high school, she showed how good she was at volleyball by winning three Season MVP awards and being named the Best Outside Hitter. The skills Canino showed while playing volleyball caught the eye of national officials, and she was eventually chosen for the Philippines’ women’s national under-23 volleyball team.

She has played in international volleyball tournaments like the Women’s Volleyball Kor Royal Cup in Thailand and the ASEAN School Games, which has made Canino an even bigger star in its own country. She has done well in the Philippines, but she has also participated in foreign events all over the world.


Angel Anne Canino’s Achievements

  • Winner of UAAP Season 85 MVP
  • Recipient of multiple awards and accolades
  • Member of the DLSU Lady Spikers
  • Represented the Philippines in international competitions


Angel Anne Canino’s Personal Details

Name Angel Anne Canino
Nickname Gel
Nationality Filipino
Born June 25, 2003
Hometown Bacolod, Philippines
Height 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
College/University De La Salle University
Position Outside Hitter
Current Club DLSU Lady Spikers
Number 12
National Team Philippines (U23)


Angel Anne Canino’s Measurements

Height 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
Hair Color
Eye Color


Angel Anne Canino’s Net Worth

Angel Anne Canino’s net worth stems from her successful career as a volleyball player. While specific figures are undisclosed, her earnings include a combination of salary, endorsements, and winnings from competitions.


Angel Anne Canino’s Facts

  • Canino was instrumental in La Salle’s victory in UAAP Season 81.
  • She represented the Philippines in the ASEAN School Games.
  • Canino is known for her powerful spikes and defensive skills.
  • She has a strong presence on social media, with active accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Canino’s parents played a significant role in her development as a volleyball player.
  • She is admired for her dedication to the sport and her determination to succeed.
  • Canino’s achievements serve as inspiration for aspiring volleyball players nationwide.


Angel Anne Canino’s FAQs

What is Angel Anne Canino’s nationality?

Angel Anne Canino is Filipino.

When was Angel Anne Canino born?

Angel Anne Canino was born on June 25, 2003.

Which club does Angel Anne Canino currently play for?

Angel Anne Canino is a member of the DLSU Lady Spikers.

What position does Angel Anne Canino play in volleyball?

Angel Anne Canino plays as an outside hitter.

Has Angel Anne Canino represented the Philippines internationally?

Yes, Angel Anne Canino has represented the Philippines in international competitions.

What are Angel Anne Canino’s notable achievements?

Angel Anne Canino has won multiple awards and accolades, including the UAAP Season 85 MVP.

Does Angel Anne Canino have siblings?

While there is no definitive information, it’s believed that Angel Anne Canino is her parents’ only child.