Arelys Henao Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Arelys Henao Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



Arelys Henao, the celebrated Colombian artist, has carved a niche for herself with a unique blend of traditional Colombian music and contemporary pop influences. Born on December 3, 1976, in Cali, Colombia, Arelys, now 46, embarked on her musical journey early on, participating in local events and contests.


Arelys Henao Wiki

Discover key details about Arelys Henao in the following table:

Details Information
Real Name Arelys Henao
Age 46 years old
Occupation Colombian Artist
DOB December 3, 1976
Gender Female
Star Sign Not specified
Ethnicity Colombian
Country Colombia


Arelys Henao Measurements

Explore the physical attributes of Arelys Henao in the following table:

Measurements Details
Height Not specified
Weight Not specified
Hair Color Not specified
Eye Color Not specified


Arelys Henao Life

Arelys Henao’s journey in the music industry took flight in the mid-2000s when she released her debut album, blending pop-influenced tunes with traditional Colombian music such as cumbia and vallenato. Albums like “Arelys Henao en Vivo,” “La Reina de la Cumbia,” “Mi Historia,” and “Soy Como Soy” have not only garnered public acclaim but have also received praise from critics for her expressive performances and robust voice.

Beyond her musical prowess, Arelys Henao is recognized for her philanthropic endeavors, particularly in healthcare and education in her native Colombia. She has also been a staunch advocate for women’s equality and rights, leveraging her platform as a musician to raise awareness on these issues.


Arelys Henao’s Extensive Family

Arelys Henao was raised in a family of sixteen, comprising her parents and thirteen siblings. The family faced challenges, losing seven siblings due to the violence prevalent in their neighborhood. The thirteen siblings grew up together, enduring a unique and challenging childhood in a region marked by armed conflict and societal norms that limited opportunities for women.

Her father, Alonso Henao, played a pivotal role in protecting and providing for the family despite the difficult circumstances. Arelys Henao’s mother, Ana María Ruiz, supported the family through tumultuous times, and both parents took measures to keep their children safe.


Arelys Henao’s Siblings

  1. Martin Henao Ruiz: Arelys’ older brother Martin sought independence early in life, leaving at the age of 22. He ventured to Liborina with his girlfriend, Yazmín, working as a tobacconist to sustain himself but faced challenges with alcoholism.
  2. Nubia Henao: Nubia is one of Arelys’ sisters who also grew up in Colombia. The two sisters took different paths, with Nubia staying in Colombia while Arelys pursued a career in the music industry.
  3. Loss of Siblings: Tragically, Arelys Henao lost seven of her siblings due to the violence in the region. The challenging environment in Colombia led to the family’s displacement, resulting in the loss of some family members.


Arelys Henao’s Parents: Ana María Ruiz and Alonso

Arelys Henao’s parents, Ana María Ruiz and Alonso, played crucial roles in the family’s journey. Ana María Ruiz, the mother of fourteen children, faced hardships early in life, marrying young and giving birth to eight children by the age of 28. The family endured the loss of some siblings due to the violent circumstances in their neighborhood.

Alonso Henao, Arelys’ father, grew up in a rural area, familiar with farming and the prevalent violence. Despite not having formal education, Alonso ensured his children received an education. He shielded Arelys from pursuing singing initially, believing it would keep her safe from potential harm.